#ISoar: Amalia Vasii

Amalia Vasii is a graduating public relations major. Originally from Romania, she moved to Jacksonville 16 years ago. “I knew I always wanted to stay close to home,” she recalls about choosing schools. “And I knew UNF was a great school.”


Since applying, she has grown to really love this University. She loves that UNF is constantly encouraging students to try everything from clubs, intramurals, Greek life and student government.

Amalia got involved from the start, but most recently she has started to expand her knowledge into a variety of clubs and outside activities. She is involved in TV promotions for the Spinnaker and is in charge of promotioning events for the Psychology Club. On top of that, she writes newsletters and social media for EDM Jacksonville outside of her school activities.

Being the proactive person that she is, she knows where her talents lie. In her psychology class, every student must teach about a specific behavior. She runs the Suicide Talk on campus through the Psychology Club, so she teaches through that. “As a public relations major, it was easier for me to promote the Suicide Talk and increase awareness, and get spectators and speakers for the event,” she says of what she does.

Amalia has always had a passion for music. EDM Jacksonville helps her explore that passion. She promotes before, during and after the event through newsletters and social media. She hopes to keep it going with great acts and attendance. Amalia volunteers her time because she loves what she does and wants to constantly be involved and improve in any way she can.

“Everything I do is for experience and it’s all free, but I love it.”

Amalia, we can’t wait to see what great work you’ll do after graduation!

*Written by Amanda Taramona

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