Take it from me: Join the Hicks Honors College

  When I applied to the Hicks Honors College, I didn’t really know what to expect. Being the first in my family to attend a university, my knowledge of academia was limited. After submitting my application, I had accepted my fate of high water pants, all-nighters and Klingon in exchange for advanced classes, early registration … More Take it from me: Join the Hicks Honors College

Living on campus

While living on campus your first-year at UNF may no longer be a requirement, there’s no denying that students who live on campus at UNF have more advantages over students who commute. In addition to the pleasure of living on our beautiful campus, resident students also enjoy many everyday conveniences and social benefits. So let’s … More Living on campus

Eating on campus

Going off to college can be scary. I mean, how are you going to eat without your parents making food magically appear in the fridge? So, if cereal is the only thing you know how to cook, don’t worry, UNF Dining has you covered, fam. To ease your stress, we’re going to go through some … More Eating on campus

Spring Break Safety

Spring break is one of the most anticipated weeks of the school year for college students. One full week in the middle of spring semester off from class, homework and having to deal with professors. But let’s be honest, spring break is notorious for getting students in trouble as well. So let’s go through some … More Spring Break Safety

DIY: UNF Coasters

Show your UNF pride all around your house or residence hall with these easy to make coasters! Use our Downloadable Coaster Templates for a quick weekend project or a fun gift for any Osprey. ] Materials: Square tile Mod Podge Craft brush Downloadable Coaster Templates Felt stickers for bottom Instructions: ⇒Downloadable Coaster Templates Show us how yours … More DIY: UNF Coasters