Webinar recap: International Business

Our webinar held on March 23 was about the International Business program in the Coggin College of Business. Dr. Andres Gallo, Director of the International Business program and Kate Learch, Assistant Director, discussed what the program is; why it is a flagship; study abroad opportunities; and internships and scholarships. If you missed the live event, here are some important things to remember.

What is International Business?

  • The International Business program (IB) was created at UNF in 2006.
  • It is housed in the Coggin College of Business.
  • Students learn:
    • How to deal with increased globalization environment
    • How and why companies go abroad to be successful
    • How to be prepared for competitive job market

Flagships are programs of excellence designed by UNF’s current president, John Delaney. IB is a high quality program offering unique experiences that enhance the education of its students.

The additional unique opportunities help connect students with people in their future careers.

International Business is considered a flagship program because of these opportunities and the high standard academics.

Study Abroad Opportunities:

  • There is a resource center to talk about options, pricing and qualifications located in the Coggin College of Business.
  • Credits taken abroad are degree applicable.
  • Internship and study abroad can be in the same semester.
  • Students are required to do a minimum of 4 weeks abroad, but we encourage you to do a full semester (4-10 months).
  • Students pay with UNF tuition (able to use Florida Prepaid, Bright Futures or any other financial aid should be applicable).
    • If the program is through one of our sister schools, you do not have to pay those extra fees.

Kedge Double Degree Program:

  • Starts freshman year
  • First two years are taken at UNF
    • Students complete freshman courses and take beginning and intermediate language courses in French
  • Last two years taken at Kedge Business School in Marseille, France
  • 6 month internship required in France
  • Upon graduation students receive two degrees
    • Bachelors in Business Administration (UNF)
    • Bachelors of International Management (Kedge)


  • Coggin Career Center will help you every step of the way.
    • If domestic: Intern role must have an international focus
    • If international: Role does not need to necessarily be international because you are living internationally
  • Required for International Business students
  • One semester or about 20 hours per week
  • Provides real-world experience


  • Student Affairs International Learning Scholarship (SAILS): $1500-$2500
  • Coggin College of business Scholarships (multiple): $500-$2000
  • Most financial aid awards can be used toward study abroad
    • Florida prepaid
    • Bright futures
    • Jacksonville commitment
    • Many more…

Foreign Language requirement:

  • 4 semesters of a foreign language is required
    • Two beginner and two intermediate
  • Proficiency in a foreign language is marketable for future jobs around the world.
  • By understanding a foreign language, you will better understand and adapt to the culture of that place.
  • UNF offers 4 languages:
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Chinese
    • German

Frequently asked questions:

What’s the difference between a domestic internship and an international one?

Internships that are domestic (in the United States) must be with a company that does international business such as financial institutions, nonprofits and transportation and logistics. International internships are done abroad and do not have to have an international focus.

Are there classes for those who want to continue studying language past the intermediate level?

Majors in French and Spanish are available for those who want to surpass the intermediate level.

What if you are already bilingual?

Waivers are available. International students who received an international degree or have spent ample time in another country can receive a waiver for the language credit. A language placement test is also in place for heritage speakers. If you are fluent in a language because you’re family speaks it, we will need to test you to see what level you are at. Although students may know the language, we will most likely require them to take one intermediate class to ensure proficiency.

What countries can you go to study abroad?

The possibilities are endless! We offer programs in: Spain, France, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Russia, Italy, China, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirate and New Zealand.

For the Kedge Business School, do you need to know French?

You do not need to know French when you apply for the Kedge Program. If you do this double degree program, you will be required to take the beginner and intermediate language courses to learn the language. Students continue to study the language while abroad and it is encouraged and highly recommended to take one or two of your senior business courses in French. This helps because you will probably need to understand and speak French for your international internship. Don’t be afraid! People are patient and kind if you are not completely fluent.

Do you have to do an internship outside of Jacksonville?

No! Most students actually do their internship in Jacksonville. There are a multitude of international companies in Jacksonville. Some students choose to do their internship abroad because then you are fulfilling both your study abroad requirements and your internship requirements. Just remember, a domestic internship means that your specific intern duties must have an international focus.

View the entire presentation here:

To learn more about the International Business Program, visit our website! https://www.unf.edu/coggin/international/

*Written by Amanda Taramona

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