Webinar recap: ACE and Registration

If you missed our live webinar about the Academic Center for Excellence, no worries! We have all the details here.

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE Center) provides academic advising for first-year students here at UNF. Each freshman is assigned an academic advisor that will begin working with freshmen starting at their orientation. The academic advisors help students understand which courses they should take and the academic policies.

The ACE Center also offers peer tutoring. The tutors are available in the office to help with all course subjects to ensure that freshmen are successful academically. Also, there is a PATH program (Peer Assisted Tutoring in Housing), which allows tutors to meet in on-campus housing to offer tutoring in a variety of subjects.

Important registration dates

Summer and fall schedules are posted NOW! Don’t miss this opportunity to plan your schedule.

  • March 31, 2016

Time tickets and student holds will be posted

  • April 11, 2016

Registration begins by time ticket

Student Holds

Student holds can be viewed on your MyWings account. This is important to view because if you have holds on your account, it will prevent you from registering for classes. An example of a hold could be any financial aid issues, not registering/paying for a meal plan, etc.

Degree evaluation

Degree evaluation is a great tool that outlines everything you need to do to earn your degree at UNF. This includes the classes you are required to take to meet your academic goals. The degree evaluation can be viewed through your MyWings account.

Osprey Map

The Osprey Map is a great tool that tells students which courses to take for each semester. This ensures that students are taking the proper classes in the correct order.

Osprey Course Scheduler

The Osprey Course Scheduler is a convenient new tool that creates students’ course schedules. This can be accessed through MyWings account under the records tab. (Click “more,” and then “Osprey Course Scheduler.”) This tool can be accessed before your time ticket becomes available, save it in your cart for so that when it is your time to register for classes, you’ll be set to go!

Course Evaluation Results

This is also called the Instructional Student Questionnaire (ISQ). It allows students to evaluate their professors and classes that they’ve had. This is helpful to other students in deciding which class and professor to register for based on the rating results. The results are by UNF students who have taken the course. The UNF Student Government has advocated for students to view this information so we recommend that students utilize it for their academic needs.


When to register?

Registration begins April 11, 2016

What is a time ticket?

A time ticket is a registration time frame that tells students when they can register for classes. Time ticket dates are based on the amount of credit hours a student has. Students with more credit hours completed, will have an earlier registration date. You can view your time ticket through your MyWings account.

How do I view my time ticket?

Time tickets can be viewed through your MyWings account. Click on the student tab, my records, student self-service, registration, and then student time ticket.

Can incoming freshmen use the Course Scheduler and other tools?

Yes. However, we recommend you meet with your advisor FIRST to ensure that you are choosing the correct classes/schedule.

Are students required to take the placement exam?

Yes, all students are required to take the placement exam. The English portion should be taken prior to coming to orientation. The Math portion should be taken during orientation. The placement exams ensures students are placed in the right classes.

How do incoming freshmen take the placement exam?

The placement exam is accessed through your MyWings account under your student tab through blackboard. The Math exam will be available upon arrival at orientation.

How do I look up classes?

Students can look up classes through their MyWings account. Click on the student tab, then under Registration and Tools, find Look Up Classes, select the term and the class subjects will be in alphabetical order.

Can I attend orientation if I have holds?

Yes, you can attend orientation if you have holds. However, these holds will prevent you from registering for courses at orientation. We recommend that you take care of your holds before attending orientation.

How do I find the course evaluations?

Students can view the course evaluations on their MyWings account. Under the Registration Tools and Resources tab, click on more; registration; and then course schedule by department. This helps students with choosing a high rating professor/class.

What is the time management program?

For more information about the time management program, email academiccoaching@unf.edu

What is the PATH program?

The PATH program is for freshmen that are living on campus. The tutors meet with students on the 2nd floor of the Osprey Fountains to provide tutoring for a variety of subjects. This service is only available Monday- Thursday 6-10 p.m.

Can I make an appointment with an academic advisor before orientation?

Yes, if you have questions about programs and majors we will be happy to answer those for you. The academic advising will be done at orientation.

Will I have an Academic Advisor for the entire time at UNF?

Students have the same advisor until they reach 30 credit hours. After 30 credit hours, students are considered a sophomore and will transition to an academic advisor within the department of your major.

How do I make an appointment with an advisor?

Student can make an appointment with an advisor through MyWings account. Go to the student tab, my records, advising appointment. If you do not have an assigned advisor, please contact the department of your major.

View the entire presentation here:

*Written by Dieh’l Martin.


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