#ISoar: Amalia Vasii

Amalia Vasii is a graduating public relations major. Originally from Romania, she moved to Jacksonville 16 years ago. “I knew I always wanted to stay close to home,” she recalls about choosing schools. “And I knew UNF was a great school.” Since applying, she has grown to really love this University. She loves that UNF … More #ISoar: Amalia Vasii

#ISoar: Luis Puesan

#ISoar with UNF as a Sociology major. Meet your fellow Osprey, Luis Puesan, who is a proud Sociology major. Luis was confident that UNF would be his home. He recalls, “The first time I stepped onto the campus, something just told me ‘you are an Osprey.’” He didn’t declare a major at first, but choosing … More #ISoar: Luis Puesan

Ospreys of UNF

Follow along as we take a glimpse into the lives of our Ospreys here at UNF. Similar to the New York Times best selling book and social media phenomenon, “Humans of New York,” we will be collecting quotes and photos from students, staff and faculty found on campus. These excerpts and photos will be shared … More Ospreys of UNF

#ISoar with UNF

Where will UNF take you? Your personal journey in and out of the classroom is our first priority. Like an Osprey flying high in the sky, we know UNF students are gaining the skills and experiences that will make the difference upon graduation and will help them soar to success. Our students soar, and we … More #ISoar with UNF

Campus Safety

Imagine you’re alone in your dorm and it’s the middle of the night. Someone knocks on your door. You look through the peephole but don’t recognize the person that is knocking. What can you do? At UNF, students are the number one priority. In order to ensure the safety of its students, several programs and … More Campus Safety