#ISoar: Luis Puesan

#ISoar with UNF as a Sociology major.

Meet your fellow Osprey, Luis Puesan, who is a proud Sociology major. Luis was confident that UNF would be his home. He recalls, “The first time I stepped onto the campus, something just told me ‘you are an Osprey.’”

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He didn’t declare a major at first, but choosing to major in sociology was easy for him after falling in love with a class called “Sex, Race and Class.” He says, “It was a real eye opener to a lot of the problems currently occurring in the U.S that I did not pay much attention to.” Being a sociology major has allowed him to think critically and he no longer views the world as black and white, but views it through sociological lenses.

Luis takes his learning beyond the classroom. He has had the opportunity to study abroad, visit a local after-school program and learn at a local museum in downtown Jacksonville. He studied abroad in Iceland and describes that as his greatest experience. While abroad, he learned many lessons about Iceland including crime statistics, how religion/theology works and the cross cultural differences with the US, a new form of responding to mental illness and so much more. He even spoke to a famous Icelandic author, Andri-Snaer Magnason, as well as other locals about their views on sociological topics.

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Back in Jacksonville, he has done work with the Mali Vai Washington Kids Foundation, an inner city after school program. While there, he learned how a community with a lot of violence and gang related activity can keep the children in their community safe and provide them with a brighter future.

We look forward to seeing what is next for you Luis. Continue to Soar!

*Written by Dieh’l Martin.

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