Webinar Recap: Leadership

How do you go from good to great? Our webinar with Dr. Matt Ohlson teaches you everything you need to know about being a great leader. Dr. Ohlson is a professor in the College of Education and Human Services here at UNF. He gives us some tips and tricks on how to become a leader at the University.

Why are leadership skills important?

  1. Employers look for leadership skills and experience.
  2. Leadership skills can increase your efficiency, performance and the ability to work collaboratively.
  3. These skills allow you to harness a variety of leadership styles so you can adapt to any situation.

Leadership Programs at UNF:

  1. The Taylor Leadership Institute
  • An initiative within the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, emphasizing the encouragement, promotion and rewarding of personal, civic and community engagement with a concentration on values and leadership constructs.
  • The Community Leadership Minor offers an in-depth study of leadership from a theoretical perspective balanced with practical application.
  • More info: unf.edu/taylor-leadership/


  1. C.A.M.P Osprey
  • Partnership between the TLI (above) and the Department of Leadership, School Counseling and Sport Management
  • Collegiate students mentor high-needs K-12 students with leadership as the key theme
  • Collegiate mentors and K-12 mentees participate in immersive on-campus events, demonstrating the leadership skills needed to become college and career ready


Leadership Activities:

  1. Write down the following:
  • An academic success you’ve achieved
  • An extra-curricular success you’ve achieved
  • What do others consider your greatest strength to be?
  • What do you consider your greatest strength to be?

Think about these successes and strengths and align them with your goals.

Document this! Do it again and again over the week, the month!

  1. Write down your goals.
  • Write down the action steps to get there
  • Plan for how to achieve your goals (daily plans, long term actions)
  1. Write down your habits
  • How do you spend the majority of your time? Online, school, extra-curricular…
  • Is your “grind” as big as your dream? Are you doing what you can to achieve your goals?


Do you feel motivated yet? We sure do! Watch the entire presentation online for more information about how to get involved with leadership on campus.

View the entire presentation below.


Dr. Ohlson would love to hear from you! Send him questions about the presentation or just tell him how YOU have been a leader. Email him at matthew.ohlson@unf.edu

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