One More Reason To #BeAnOsprey: Take Your Backpack Outside The Class

Study Abroad

Building water purifiers in Ghana, visiting the Acropolis in Greece and observing the public relations practices in France are just a few of the remarkable experiences you can gain from participating in a UNF study abroad trip. UNF offers a wide variety of study abroad programs in more than 15 countries including China, England, Italy and Spain.

Take your backpack outside the walls of a classroom and gain a new outlook on the world in which you live. Whether you want to study abroad for a whole semester or just a few weeks, we offer it all. UNF is ranked among the top 20 best institutions in our category for short-term study abroad programs and UNF student study abroad at twice the national average.

If you are not quite ready to add a stamp to your passport yet, we also offer Transformational Learning Opportunities, or TLOs for short. Unique to UNF, TLOs are special, hands-on learning experiences that allow you to gain incredible insight outside of the traditional classroom setting. This can include service learning, internships, research opportunities with a faculty member and much more!

Study abroad is an enriching, immersive experience that provides students with unique opportunities for academic, social and personal growth. Expand your world view, learn more about yourself and break out of the typical academic routine.

To learn about all the ways UNF are going over the globe visit

Your Personal Journey

We’re focused on you. Your personal journey in and out of the classroom is something we care deeply about. UNF fosters not only intellectual growth but also the cultural growth and civic awareness of our students. Simply, our goal is to prepare students for life and help them become significant contributors of their communities.

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