The Zombie Apocalypse


Imagine standing in a fog-covered graveyard full of the headstones of music’s most iconic legends with flashing lights, a hand-built coffin and zombies surrounding you from all angles as Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” song begins playing eerily in the background. It probably sounds like a scene straight out of your worst nightmare. Except these zombies would rather eat pizza and Chipotle than suck your blood. That’s because these zombies were just innocent UNF students taking over the campus green for a production called “The UNF Thrilling Dead.” With a full moon shining down on the participants, approximately 250 students decked out in their finest zombie gear gave the audience a performance to remember.

This production provided more than just entertainment to the large gathered assembly. Through the many hours of planning and practicing, this also served as a way to unify the student body. As students, we zombified ourselves by removing our Greek/club/organization affiliations and came together as Ospreys. The practices allowed students to meet other fellow Ospreys who they may not hang out with on a regular basis. For all who were involved in the production of the Thrilling Dead, this event provided a great atmosphere for student body bonding.

We may not have a football team. We may not have 100-year-old traditions. But — we may hold a world-record for one of the coolest things ever. I mean, as long as you think zombies are cool. And since everyone loves The Walking Dead, zombies seem pretty trendy these days.

If you haven’t seen the UNF zombie takeover yet, check it out! SWOOP!

Thrilling Dead

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