One More Reason to #BeAnOsprey: There’s No Excuse to Miss Leg Day


The largest fitness center in northeast Florida is waiting for you to come and experience all that it has to offer! The UNF Student Wellness Complex is a state-of-the-art wellness, fitness and sports learning facility that opened just a few years ago. It boasts a 34-foot-tall rock wall, an indoor track and a Jamba Juice for healthy post-work out snacking.

The UNF Student Wellness Complex is more than your typical gym. It offers 260 exercise stations, nutritional assessments, personal trainers at a low cost, and it has large glass windows that provide vast views of our beautiful campus while you work out. For a look at this spectacular facility, check out the video at

As a student, you have unlimited access. Not only can you rock climb or run the indoor track, but you can also enjoy the special studios that are designed to accommodate fitness classes such as Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, Spin, Ab Attack, Sweat Shop Circuit and many more. With more than 50 fitness classes each week, there is a class for everyone, no matter your fitness level! And with 27,000-square-feet of fitness space, there is plenty of room to bring all of your UNF friends.

Just in case you want even more variety in your fitness routine, there’s more. UNF is home to competitive intramural sports, a skate park and the Osprey Challenge Course which consists of a ropes team building program and a zip line. With all the fitness amenities we offer, there’s no excuse to skip leg day ever again.

To learn about all the ways UNF students are getting fit and active, visit

Your Personal Journey

We’re focused on you. Your personal journey in and out of the classroom is something we care deeply about. UNF fosters not only intellectual growth but also the cultural growth and civic awareness of our students. Simply, our goal is to prepare students for life and help them become significant contributors of their communities.

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4 thoughts on “One More Reason to #BeAnOsprey: There’s No Excuse to Miss Leg Day

  1. Unfortunately we do not. However, we do have a few different athletic clubs like wrestling and lacrosse. It is pretty simple to start a club if you were interested!

  2. Hi, my name is Jacob Arthur. I go to Lake Wales High School in Polk county Florida. I pole vault for the track team there. If possible could you please send me some more information on UNF track team? Thanks

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