One More Reason to #BeAnOsprey: Lazy River

#BeAnOsprey-blog_lazyriverWritten by: Alee Heaston

Even though many freshmen fear the stories of random roommates, the limits of people to come to their room and the miniscule amount of parking spots… to me, it is still a dream. Being an RA on campus and an upper classmen I have realized the endless perks of still living on campus.

We have a Lazy River: Students living on the University of North Florida’s campus get to take full advantage of living life in the seemingly endless sunshine. The best way to do that is to float in our Lazy River that is located in the Osprey Fountains housing complex. UNF is also scheduled to open a new pool and clubhouse near the Osprey Cove and Osprey Landing housing complex!

Late nights at the green or picnic benches: On a campus like UNF you can cruise around on your long board or walk around and you are bound to run into someone playing guitar, a group of people sitting around laughing, or some people throwing around a glow in the dark Frisbee.  Living on campus allows you to continually meet people. If you live off-campus and have nothing to do at night in a normal complex or house, it’s tough luck for you!

Events you otherwise wouldn’t come back for: If you have a 15-minute drive to class you’ll probably lose the desire to come back to campus for something like a two-hour movie. But, if you’re already around you can catch a Movie On The House once every two weeks or so. It’s worth it.  MOTH presents movies that are really interesting, meaningful, and beyond what you’ll usually find on TV.

The interconnectedness that living on campus gives a student is incredible.  After you are freshmen you often gain different interests, and more things to juggle in your life. When you don’t have to drive to class and can just soak up the sun on your walk while looking at all the signs of events later on that you can go to, it’s well worth it!

Your Personal Journey
We’re focused on you. Your personal journey in and out of the classroom is something we care deeply about. UNF fosters not only intellectual growth but also the cultural growth and civic awareness of our students. Simply, our goal is to prepare students for life and help them become significant contributors of their communities.

The Osprey Experience
We want students to feel at home here. UNF offers many ways for Ospreys to get involved in activities that complement the classroom experience. Check out a few and see where you fit in:

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