How to Get the Most Out of Your Campus Tour


The best way to truly get a feel for our University is by going on a campus tour! Walking around a campus for the first time might be a little bit overwhelming, so we want to ensure that you get the most out of your tour of UNF. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before, after and during the tour!

  • Don’t be scared to tell your tour guide about yourself. Before the tour, your tour guide will learn as much about you as they can. The more they know about you and your interests, the more they will be able to tailor the tour to you. If you’re interested in any clubs, know what your intended major is, or where you might want to live on campus, tell the tour guide! They will be sure to explain whatever it is a little bit more in depth during your tour.
  • Ask questions. In between the points where you will stop and talk, your tour guide will be walking backward as an invitation for any tour guest to talk to them. Use this time to ask questions! Tour guides love getting asked questions because we love our school and want to talk about as much of it as we can. Our tour route won’t cover every building on campus, so if there’s a certain major or place you want to see, be sure to ask your tour guide about it so they can point it out to you and go into a little more detail.
  • Do some research about your major before the tour. Read up about the Transformational Learning Opportunities that come with your major and the resources the department offers. You could be spending the next four years here, so see what your major and specific track has to offer! That will be a good way to come up with questions, too.
  • Take notes. Especially if you’re on a college tour spree, you’re going to be seeing a lot of campuses and they might start to blur together when you’re trying to make your final decision. During the tour, make a pros and cons list on your phone or a piece of paper. That way, when the tour is over, everything is still fresh in your mind. You can also write down any questions that you may want to ask one on one with your tour guide after the tour.
  • After the tour, wander around. When the tour is over, ask your tour guide for a campus map and go back to look around for yourself. You can even go into a department you might be interested in and ask the advisors or professors some questions. Or, you can wander to the Student Union or the green and check out any events happening there. Walking around the campus on your own might help you decide if you would feel at home on campus.
  • Eat in the Osprey Café. You will walk through the café on your tour but have lunch or dinner there to get a feel for the atmosphere and the menu. You’ll be eating in the café a lot, especially as a first-year student, so go check out all the options!
  • Talk to some current students. Students on campus are beaming with Osprey pride, (especially those in UNF gear) so ask them questions, too. Ask about what kind of classes they’re in, what they like about campus, or what they wish they knew before coming to UNF.
  • Speak with an admissions or transfer student coordinator. After your tour, your tour guide will give you the option of speaking with an admissions coordinator or a transfer student coordinator. Take advantage of that opportunity! You can ask about applying, financial aid, AP credits or anything that’s on your mind.
  • Take pictures! Get some selfies of some cool spots on campus (like the bamboo garden, the student union or one of the lakes). Take some pictures of the places that interest you, like the building where your major would be in, your favorite residence hall, or one of our 13 dining options on campus!

Registering for a tour on campus is so easy too! We currently offer 3 tours a day during the week, large group tours, Saturday tours and a new School of Engineering tour. No matter what your schedule is like, there is a tour time for you.

Schedule your campus tour today!

– Emily Sakkab
UNF Senior
Swoop Squad Tour Guide

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