Alumni Profile: Civil Engineering

As one of the first graduates of the UNF Civil Engineering program, Joe Champion, is now thriving as a professional in our community. Read how his experience at UNF helped him get there.

I am proud to have been one of the first graduates of the UNF Civil Engineering program. Many of the students I graduated with have developed into great engineers within the local community and are working on interesting projects for diverse employers.

Currently, I am the assistant branch manager of Ellis & Associates. We are a longstanding local Geotechnical engineering firm with strong ties to UNF. This profession has afforded me the opportunity to work on exciting projects and accomplish goals as part of a team with interesting people.

I have been greatly influenced by UNF professors, which is why I was drawn to the Geotechnical field even though I always saw myself as a future structural engineer. It has been a pleasure to grow professionally within the local engineering community and see the UNF civil engineering graduates each year become a larger part of the community.

Although I am an alumnus, my experiences at UNF helped me to be who I am today. I believe that you will learn so much and become the aspiring engineer professional you’d like to be.


Joe Champion
UNF Graduate

For more information about the Civil Engineering program and the University of North Florida, visit our website!

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