How to be the best college roommate

Part of the fun of going away to college is living with a new roommate. Having a roommate can be the best experience in the world. However, it can also be quite an adjustment. Here are five helpful tips for how to be a stellar roommate and ensure a smooth semester.

  1. Get to know each other on move-in day

    Moving in with someone that you don’t know can be very awkward. Upon meeting your new roomie try to get to know them. Learn about their likes and dislikes and be clear with each other about your morning and evening routines. This will avoid conflict later down the road. Make sure that you mention anything that is important for someone living with you to know from allergies to pet peeves. Meeting new people is fun and exciting and this conversation should be too!


  2. Clean up after yourself

    Cleaning up after yourself is not much fun, but cleaning up after someone else is no fun at all. Be considerate of the people you live with and stay on top of your cleaning and organizing. Moving into a dorm is your first opportunity to live on your own and to establish your own routine. Starting off by staying clean and neat will prepare you to stay that way for the rest of your life. Also, clean environments are more conducive to good study habits and positive attitudes. If you struggle with staying tidy, establish a particular time for you to clean up your area daily or weekly.


  3. Be considerate of your roommate’s schedule

    Most likely you and your roommate will not have the same schedule. They may have morning classes while you are sleeping or vice versa and you need to be considerate of that. Minimize the amount of noise you make by not having people over while your roommate is sleeping or by using a friend’s dorm to get ready or hang out in if your roommate is studying or resting. By being considerate of your roommate’s time, they will, in turn, be considerate of yours.


  4. Share

    You don’t have to provide your roommate with every essential, but it is common courtesy to share. If your roommate is in need of something that you have extra of, be courteous and help them out. The favor will be returned in most cases. Communicate with your roommate about shopping for dorm room supplies and split the cost or offer to pick things up for them while you are out doing your own personal shopping. Dorm rooms are not known for being particularly spacious. Taking advantage of the space, you do have by splitting certain items or appliances will clear up some much needed free space.


  5. Headphones or Ear Plugs

    Make sure that you have a reliable and comfortable pair of headphones before moving into your dorm room. You never know when your roommate might want to study while you’re in the mood to blast music or binge watch Netflix. Your headphones will also come in handy when your roommate is making their own noise during your study or resting time. Not everyone has the same taste in music or movies and headphones will allow you to enjoy your personal selection without offending others. Ear Plugs are also an excellent way to zone out noisy neighbors!


If you are concerned about moving in with a new roommate, UNF offers several resources to ease that transition. The University of North Florida’s “Roomie Match” questionnaire is an optional survey that helps pair you with the perfect roommate.There is also a Roommate Agreement form and Roommate Bill of Rights that you and your new roomie can fill out and hold each other accountable for.  Whatever your housing needs may be, Housing and Residence Life will be available to make your time living on campus comfortable, fun and memorable.


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