Alumni Profile: Sculpture

As a graduate of the University of North Florida’s sculpture program, Julie Chabrian has been able to accomplish several career goals. Read how Julie’s experience at UNF helped propel her forward.


Since leaving UNF with a bachelor’s degree in sculpture, I attended Southern Illinois University where I earned my master’s in sculpture. After graduating, I worked as a stagehand setting up shows for Cirque du Soleil, The Eagles and Taylor Swift. I also worked for a renowned music theater company as a property artisan and stagehand, building props and working with actors and sets during and after shows, including on- and off-Broadway shows such as Les Miserables, Mary Poppins and Spamalot. I went on to become a co-owner of a custom woodworking shop that specialized in custom furniture and tree houses.

I am the artist I am today because of the things I learned from being a student at UNF, including learning the rewards of hard work, learning about and utilizing the history and aesthetics within the art world and art theories. At UNF, I gained skills and knowledge to use the machinery and tools within my field, I attended professional national and international conferences, and I participated in an art history and painting study abroad trip to Italy.

Having a UNF connection made a difference for me after graduation. I am still in communication with the professors and previous and new students about shows, collaborations, conferences, jobs, opportunities, techniques and general shop talk. UNF was integral to my success after graduating, and it can be the same for you.


Julie Chabrian
UNF Alumni

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