Webinar recap: Military and Veteran Resource Center

The University of North Florida has the resources to support every type of student. At our Military and Veterans Resource Center, we support and guide students who are enrolled in the military, are veterans of the military or are military dependent students. We want to make your transition into college go as smoothly as possible.

Diane Stover is the office manager and VA Certifying Official at the Military and Veterans Resource Center. She gave us some helpful information about the center. Read on below to learn more!

The Military and Veterans Resource Center (MVRC) is located on the second floor of the Tom and Betty Petway Hall (Building 57). If you’re a military student or dependent who is looking for a place to lounge or do some homework, you are more than welcome to stop by and utilize the center. There are multiple computers to work at, free printing services, free coffee and even a couch if you need a quick nap!

The MVRC can also help you with the admissions process. They’ll help you figure out what GI Bill you might need or what other forms you will need to apply, but they do not have access to your service and eligibility records. You will need to call the VA to get that information. Their number is 1-888-442-4551.

Here is a quick breakdown of each GI Bill:

The GI Bill provides educational assistant to service members, veterans or their dependents. In order to access your GI Bill, there are a few things we at UNF need to know.

  • Are you the veteran or the dependent?
  • Which GI Bill?

It is important for us to know this information so that we can access and process your GI Bill as accurately as possible.

Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30): For military students only and cannot be transferred to a dependent. The veteran pays tuition and fees to UNF by the tuition and fee deadline

The veteran fills out a “Request for Veteran Benefits” through their UNF myWings account. You MUST fill out this form for UNF to certify you and allow you receive your funds.

Vocational Rehabilitation (Chapter 31): For veterans only. This bill is processed through a VA Vocational Rehabilitation counselor after applying online. The counselor provides the veteran with a Form 1905 that is given to UNF and must be resubmitted every semester.

The veteran also fills out a “Request for Veteran Benefits” through their UNF myWings account.

Post 9-11 (Chapter 33): Can be used by the veteran or transferred to a dependent. The dependent are usually listed on a form prior to separation from the service. Tuition and fees are paid directly to the University, but housing and book stipend are paid directly to the student to an account designated via forms.

The veteran also fills out a “Request for Veteran Benefits” through their UNF myWings account. The Veteran file number is the social security number of the person who is using the benefits.

Deceased and Disabled Veterans (Chapter 35): Designated for dependents of deceased or disables veterans. The VA will deposit funds into a student’s personal account. The student is responsible for paying tuition and fees by the payment deadline.

The student also fills out a “Request for Veteran Benefits” through their UNF myWings account. The veteran file number is on the student’s Certificate of Eligibility provided by the VA. A copy of the Certificate of Eligibility needs to be submitted.

Montgomery for Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606): This GI Bill serves the Selected Reserves, the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. The student’s Reserve Unit can provide forms for application and eligibility.

The student also fills out a “Request for Veteran Benefits” through their UNF myWings account. The student is responsible for paying tuition and fees by the payment deadline.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for a GI Bill or how long your coverage will last, please remember to call the VA for this information. The MVRC is willing to help you as much as possible, but we do not have access to personal service records.

If you have questions about which form you might need or just about what activities are happening at the MVRC, call the office at 904-620-5131. Or you can email Diane directly at diane.stover@unf.edu.


How does it work if I am an out-of-state student but using a GI Bill? Can I have those out-of-state fees waived?

You may be eligible to have the UNF out-of-state tuition and fees waived. If you are confused about whether you qualify as a Florida resident, or want to declare your residency, please contact One Stop Student Services at 904-620-5555.

To qualify for the waiver, you must provide a copy of the DD214 form and a copy of a recent bill to your Florida address. This must be done at the beginning of each semester.

What if I am a dependent looking to waive the out-of-state fees?

Dependents may also qualify to have these fees waived, the dependent MUST be using a GI Bill.

I am living in Florida on active duty but I am not a resident. Can I still qualify to have the out-of-state fees waived?

Yes! If you are on active duty that means you have been stationed here and can apply for in-state tuition. If you did not indicate that you are on active duty on your application, please call One Stop Student Services to start this process. 904-620-5555.

Is UNF a Yellow Ribbon school?

No – because UNF does not need to be! Yellow Ribbon was created to cover the gap when a university charges more per credit hour than the max allowed by the VA for the region. The UNF tuition and fees per credit hour is BELOW the max allowed by the VA, so the VA covers the costs here at UNF.

I am a dependent using a GI Bill. Should I still apply for financial aid?

We recommended that you ALWAYS fill out your FAFSA. The GI Bill is not considered financial aid; it is considered money that the veteran earned. You should still apply for scholarships, grants, loans or anything that may help cover your college expenses. If money is granted to you and covers costs, you will still get the VA money. Sometimes the amount of money or the timeframe for that money given by the VA does not cover the entirety of your time at college. One Stop Student Services can help set you up with a financial aid coordinator to talk about this process. 904-620-5555.

To watch the full webinar, click here!


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