#ISoar: Jillian Baumeister

#ISoar with UNF through the support, the staff, and the professors I’ve had within my major.


Jillian is a proud elementary education major. This Vero Beach, Florida native knew that UNF was a place she could call home. She said, “I knew I would be more than just a number, and people would know me for who I am.”

Coming from a family of teachers, majoring in education came natural to Jillian. When she was younger, she would always visit her mom’s classroom. As she grew up, she always had part-time jobs working with children. She enjoys interacting with children and considers teaching a big part of her life.

Aside from her busy course work, she continues to stay involved with campus activities. Not only is she a sister of Alpha Chi Omega, but she has been a part of the UNF Swoop Squad since her freshmen year. She knew that she wanted to join the Swoop Squad after attending orientation.

“I loved the thought of being a tour guide; Showing others around a place that had become so special to me seemed so rewarding.” And it has proven to be just that. “Being on the Swoop Squad these past three and a half years has really changed my college experience in so many ways.”


She enjoys being in the classroom full-time teaching students and has had multiple internships through the College of Education. Currently, she is a full-time intern at an elementary school in Northwest Jacksonville for a 4th and 5th grade math class. “This experience has been absolutely incredible.”

As her departure from the UNF nest is quickly approaching, she is looking forward to getting a full-time job and would like to teach the second or third grade. “UNF and the College of Educations has prepared me very well for life after college.” Jillian graduates in April of 2016.

We look forward to seeing you #Soar higher in the future with all you have learned here at UNF!

Written by Dieh’l Martin.

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