You’re Graduating. Now What?

With only a month left until graduation, this is the time when reality starts to hit seniors like a ton of bricks. You start to realize that you will have to enter the real world way too soon. No more staying up every night until 2 a.m. eating pizza with friends and then sleeping until 11 a.m. Goodbye student discounts, long holiday breaks and free food, gym access and UNF Student Government-sponsored t-shirts. Cue the mental breakdown.

If you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to a campus that has become like home, then we may have some good news! There is a brand new graduate program that will allow students to expand their knowledge while extending their beloved college years. The program allows students to enroll in a master of arts in international affairs. See the flyer below for more information.


The program is an excellent way to prepare for life in a global economy. It will teach you how to think critically, analyze world events and learn more about what is happening around you. It will prepare you for further study or for a career in the government, international organizations and businesses and education. If you are not ready to leave just yet, this might be the perfect program for you. We aren’t ready for you to leave either, so consider applying today. But hurry, there are a limited amount of spots available and they are filling up quickly!

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