Benefits of Attending Orientation

Congratulations! You have survived the wild jungle we call high school and you’re now entering the scary rainforest called college. Just kidding, college is great — no seriously, it’s awesome. But before you jump right into this next chapter, we want to help you prepare for a successful academic and social career at UNF through our on-campus orientation.

Freshmen orientation is basically a rite of passage every incoming college freshman should experience. At this time in your life, moving from high school senior to college freshman may be exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating. Maybe you’re nervous about finding your way around campus or making new friends. Don’t worry, we promise you aren’t the only freshman worried about these things, even if no one else will admit it. To make this transition a little easier, our Orientation Team Leaders (OTLs) will guide you through orientation, helping you effortlessly become academically and socially integrated to campus, experience a real college class and meet other new Ospreys who could become your future best friends in college.

Orientation offers many beneficial opportunities for you. But first you need to sign up. Follow these simple instructions to register for your orientation date.

Still not convinced it’s worth your time?

  1. You can make friends before the semester starts. By attending orientation, you can meet other incoming freshmen that are feeling just as awkward (or excited) as you are. Bond over that mutual feeling so that when you are still best friends during your senior year, you’ll look back and laugh at how your friendship started during the icebreaker at freshman orientation. You might even meet your future roommate.
  2. You will know your way around campus before arriving on campus this fall. OTLs will guide you around campus while also providing history and fun facts about our University. They’ll share their favorite hangout spots, nicknames of certain buildings and the locations of the best places to study. After your guided tour, you will already know that Building 4 is not even close to Building 5 and that there is no Building 13. Sometimes the layout of campus doesn’t make sense, but at least you’ll know that before you need to find your classes the first day of the semester.UNF Biological Sciences
  3. You can experience a real college class. During orientation, you will have the opportunity to sit in on a classroom experience to get a feel for the rigor of academic life.
  4. You will be able to learn about various campus activities. At orientation there will be plenty of information about our campus life and all the ways you can get involved in student organizations. Thinking about joining one of our 200-plus clubs? Interested in Greek Life? How about Student Government? Feel free to ask your OTL about ways to get involved.
  5. You will receive help with class registration. You’ll meet with an academic adviser who will help you pick out your classes for your first semester. It’s pretty exciting when you realize that you’re not in high school anymore and you can set your own schedule. Goodbye 6 a.m. alarm clock, hello 10 a.m. History of Rock class. Before you attend your orientation, make sure to do some research on the majors and minors we have available by browsing through our online course catalog.
  6. You will be able to experience residence hall life. During our two-day orientation program sessions, you will be able to experience life in a residence hall. We will host you overnight in one of the seven residence halls on campus and you will be able to truly experience what life is like as a member of our resident campus community. You will never want to leave.
  7. And you can take care of unfinished business. Any additional questions, comments or concerns you have can be taken care of with a quick visit by our One-Stop office or by asking an OTL ­— they basically know everything.


Tips for while you are at Orientation:

  • Talk to upperclassmen if you can, especially your OTLs. It might be intimidating to approach them but they have lots of valuable advice to offer if you just ask. Ask for tips about how to get involved, which classes will give you the best academic advantage, where to hang out on the weekends or the student traditions we have here at UNF.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for contact info of the other students. Seriously, do it. Keep in touch on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and get their number. That way, during the first week of class you can reach out and maybe go to the Boathouse for lunch or go paddleboarding in between classes. Or you may never hang out with them again. But at least you will be able to contact someone you know (kind of) if you need to connect with a familiar face during the first week.
  • During orientation, you will have your photo taken for a student ID, your Osprey 1Card. Ladies, this is your warning to fix your hair the way you like or touch-up your make-up because you’ll use this card frequently throughout your college years here.
  • Come prepared with a fun fact, or an adjective that starts with the same letter as your name. Why? Because chances are you will have to use it during an icebreaker at least once. And if not, you can save it for the first week of class because professors like to use icebreakers too.

We're waiting for you!

Orientation is the perfect chance for us to help prepare you for a successful first year of college. But we can’t help you if you aren’t here. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your orientation date now. We can’t wait to see you!

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