Residency Status

There are a few important items you should take care of as soon as possible, to ensure your transition to UNF is smooth. For example, you should confirm your residency status for tuition purposes.

What does “residency status for tuition purposes mean?”
Your residency status for tuition purposes determines if you will be charged in-state or out-of-state tuition.

How can I check my residency status?
You can check your residency status in your myWings by following these steps:

  1.  Log into myWings
  2. Click the “Student” tab
  3. Click the “Student Self Service” link in the “My Records” channel
  4. Click “Student Records”
  5. Click on “Financial Aid and Student Information”
  6. Select the term you have been admitted for
  7. The first line under “Admissions Information” lists your Residency Status

What if my residency status is incomplete or incorrect?
You can call One Stop Student Services at (904) 620-5555 or send an email to The One Stop staff will be able to help identify what the issue is and work with you to resolve it.

How long do I have to get my status corrected?
You should have this cleared before starting classes at UNF. Our suggestion is that it is completed before attending Orientation.

8 Things you should know about residency determination

  1. Residency for Tuition Purposes criteria is established by Florida law and regulations set by the Florida Board of Governors. The University of North Florida CANNOT waive State/BOG rules for ANY reason.
  2. Living in Florida for a year or longer DOES NOT automatically qualify you for in-state tuition (Florida residency).
  3. Under Florida law, there is a difference between being a “Florida Resident” and being a “Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes.”
  4. To be considered a “Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes,” you MUST prove through OFFICIAL and/or LEGAL DOCUMENTS that you have permanently moved to Florida and have had a physical presence in the state for a minimum of twelve months. You will not be approved if you are merely living in Florida to attend school.
  5. Two forms of supporting documentation (for example, driver’s license, vehicle registration, voter registration card) MUST be dated 12 COMPLETE MONTHS before the first day of classes for the requested residency classification term.
  6. Personal justifications for documents not meeting the 12-month requirement CANNOT be considered. For example: “I have one now, but I did not get a driver’s license when I moved here a year ago because…” CANNOT be considered.
  7. Evidence that you are the financial dependent of an out-of-state resident MAY DISQUALIFY you from Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes.
  8. Financial hardship CANNOT be considered in the determination of Residency for Tuition Purposes

For more details about Residency, please visit the One Stop Student Services’ Residency website.

Check out our Orientation: Central Hub blog for other items you should complete before attending Orientation.

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