The two days you will be at Orientation are going to be exciting, but also a little hectic. We try to make every effort to ensure your time at the Nest goes smoothly, including parking.

How much do I have to pay to park during Orientation?
NOTHING! As long as you have your Orientation Parking Permit displayed, your parking is free.

How do I get my Orientation Parking Permit?
Your Orientation Parking Permit will be emailed to you approximately one week before your Orientation. (Hopefully by now you know that between now and Orientation, you MUST check your personal and UNF email account at least once a week.) 

**Don’t worry if you accidentally delete the Parking Permit email, you can print it from your myWings account by following these steps:**

      •  Log into myWings
      • Click the Student tab
      • Click the My UNF Communications link (Located in the My Records box)
      • Click on the Important Info: Parking Permit email

What do I do with my permit?
Print your Orientation Parking Permit and make sure it is clearly displayed on the dash of your car the entire time you are on campus.

What if I forget my permit at Orientation?
Your admission will Before. JUST KIDDING! We will have extra permits on hand. Just mention it when you are checking in, and we’ll give you another one.

What happens if my Orientation date changes?
The permits are “date specific.” If you have already received an Orientation Parking Permit for your original date, we will email you a new one. If you haven’t already received one, you will automatically receive the appropriate permit approximately one week before your new date.

Where do I park?
The day of the event, we will have signs and students directing you where to go. It is also important to read your permit carefully. If you park somewhere not listed on the permit, you could get a parking ticket that you will be expected to pay.

Who Should I contact if I have questions or problems?
Prior to attending Orientation, if you have any questions about parking at the event, you can call the Office of Orientation at 904-620-1722. If you have any questions once you are at Orientation, just find the nearest First-year Experience Mentor or Orientation staff member and they will be able to assist.

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