Student Government Initiatives

There’s a student section at the Jags games, thanks to UNF’s Student Government (perspective of this image not necessarily the perspective of the student section)

UNF student government is stepping it up this year!  There are many new and exciting things that are happening around campus recently, including but not limited to a ropes course, more free Scranton locations, Jamba Juice on campus, and even a student section at the Jacksonville Jaguars games.

Here is a complete list of the 2012 initiatives:

  •          Jacksonville Jaguars Student Section
  •          Volunteer Center’s Lend-a-Wing Food Pantry
  •          24-Hour Student Government Lounge Facility
  •          Blackboard Mobile Central Smartphone App
  •          The Student Government “Co-Op”
  •          Athletics
  •          Free Scantrons in More Locations
  •          Traditions, School Spirit and Visual Identity
  •          Ozzie Bucks in More Locations
  •          UNF Ropes Course
  •          Less Club Funding Restrictions
  •          More Shuttles and Better Routes Including Town Center Shuttle Stop
  •          Jamba Juice in the New Student Wellness Center

UNF Student Government is really trying to accommodate the students as much as possible by adding all of these great things to our campus.  The thing that I am most excited about is the student section at the Jags games.  I think it will be exciting for UNF as a community to have something to be truly spirited about.  Don’t get me wrong; baseball, basketball and the other sports around campus are just as important as football.  Football is just something that other schools in Florida have, and their school spirit outshines ours.  So by adding a football team for the students to get excited about and go to the games, hopefully our school spirit as a whole will rise.

In less than 10 hours of ticket sales, the 2,200 ticket allotment was already sold out!  The ticket sale was such a success that the Jaguars came to UNF and sold regular seats for only $25 a ticket!  Hopefully this will be an ongoing tradition and it will help students stay spirited together.

Another exciting thing happening on campus, which will be started once the new dining facility is completed, is the 24-Hour Student Government Study Lounge Facility.  The seating area and Chartwells offices next to Sbarro’s will be vacated and turned into the study lounge.  They are still talking about what they want the lounge to look like and what services they want to offer, but the space is secured for the lounge.  A wifi-based printing station will be available to which you will be able to connect through your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop and print documents.  This space will be food-friendly to make students feel as comfortable as possible with little restrictions.  At first, the lounge will be open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week.  If it is successful, it is possible that it will be open 24/7.

I’m pretty excited about these changes happening around campus and I think it will really better our school as a whole.  More information can be found about the 2011-2012 Student Government initiatives at .

Written By: Dana Levy

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