Financial Managing with the Osprey 1 Card

Ozzie Bucks can be used at UNF’s full service restaurant, The Boathouse, as well as a whole slew of other on or off campus establishments.

One of the biggest problems college students face is learning how to control finances. You may not have known, but your Osprey 1 card can help you out. UNF students must have an ID for admittance to the library, gym, and other campus facilities. But also through your ID, you have access to Ozzie Bucks and American Express. Ozzie Bucks uses the black strip on the back of your card and American Express uses the silver. These are prepaid accounts that are designed to help students learn control and eliminate the need to carry cash and other forms of payment.

It’s used like any credit or debit card. But, don’t be confused, it’s not a credit card. Ozzie Bucks and American Express can’t be used if you don’t have sufficient funds in your account. No fees are charged for the use of these services. Many college students still get financial assistance from parents. With the Osprey 1 card, your parents can deposit money in your account 24/7 on the internet, by phone or mail, or on campus. For those students with parents who are hesitant to give money for the fear of spending it on unnecessary things, this is especially useful because they can track the transactions just like on a normal bank account. Parents can even set up a reoccurring allowance.

Meal plans can be accessed through the Osprey 1 card. Unlike meal plans, Ozzie Bucks and American Express carry over each semester so any deposited money is never wasted. If money is still left on the account upon graduation or withdrawal from UNF, the user receives a refund. Financial aid money cannot be direct deposited into Ozzie Bucks and American Express. However, after the financial aid has been dispersed and deposited into your personal bank account, it can be moved to Ozzie Bucks or American Express. Many students find this to be a helpful way to budget.

Ozzie Bucks is the only form of payment taken for copy and print services on campus. It can be used almost anywhere else at school, too. All UNF food facilities like Starbucks, Outtakes and the Boathouse all take Ozzie Bucks. It’s even accepted at laundry facilities, parking services, the box office, and vending machines. Meal plans and Campus Cash are only available on school campus.

There are many nearby businesses that accept Ozzie Bucks. The St. John’s Town Center has multiple accepting locations: Applebee’s, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Smoothie King, CVS and Chipotle Mexican Grill to name a few. Applebee’s also gives UNF students and staff a 10% discount. Off Beach Boulevard, you can find Abe’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jimmy John’s and Wok House. Even places like College Book Rack off St. John’s Bluff and Gate gas stations on Belfort Road and Gate Parkway will take Ozzie Bucks. American Express works the same as Ozzie Bucks. Therefore, it’s accepted on campus but not for Ozzie Bucks specific facilities. The only difference is it’s accepted anywhere American Express credit cards are accepted. This means just about any restaurants, movie theatres, gas stations, clothing stores, ATM’s and so on. Like any credit card service, you also get benefits like fraud and purchase protection. Students must register for the American Express feature on the card and if your card does not have the silver strip, exchange it in for a new one.

Instead of carrying your Osprey 1 Card around with cash and other credit/debit cards, put your ID to work and do something to help yourself by budgeting and managing spending. For more information on Ozzie Bucks and American Express prepaid accounts, visit

Written By:  Hanna Ninya

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