#ISoar: Luis Puesan

#ISoar with UNF as a Sociology major. Meet your fellow Osprey, Luis Puesan, who is a proud Sociology major. Luis was confident that UNF would be his home. He recalls, “The first time I stepped onto the campus, something just told me ‘you are an Osprey.’” He didn’t declare a major at first, but choosing … More #ISoar: Luis Puesan

Week of Welcome 2015

One of our favorite UNF traditions is our annual Week of Welcome which is coming up Aug. 21 – 31! And we want you to be sure to participate. Week of Welcome, or WOW, welcomes new and returning students to the campus community through a series of programs and activities spanning the first week of fall classes. Week … More Week of Welcome 2015

Honors: To Join or Not to Join?

From the outside looking in, the Honors Program may seem like an elite, exclusive club for the geniuses, overachievers and highly intelligent students. It can seem slightly intimidating to join an academic program that wants students to “develop rigorous and comprehensive critical thinking” during their freshmen year. Before I already scare you off, let me … More Honors: To Join or Not to Join?