How to make moving to UNF as easy as possible

  1. Pack an overnight bag with essentials

You will probably have time to unpack all of your things when you first get here, but you want to be prepared just in case. Pack a change of clothes and some essential toiletry items in an overnight bag to use the next day if you can’t find everything in the mess. You don’t want to be rushed and may want to spend the day with your family.

Overnight bag


  1. Inspect your room before moving everything in

Before you load your room up with boxes, you will want to do a quick walk through. This way you can report any imperfections so that you won’t be charged for them at the end of the year. It is also worthwhile to make sure you don’t need to do any additional cleaning to the space.


  1. Pack heavy items in a clear plastic bin

You don’t want to be on the way up three flights of stairs when the bottom falls out of your cardboard box. So if you are trying to pack things in as few boxes as possible, consider splurging for the Rubbermaid plastic ones. Getting the clear ones will you help you see what you put in each box when you start to unpack. You may be able to keep them as storage once you move in too! Dual purpose.


  1. Try to pack everything in a box or bag

You will find that making as few trips as possible from the car to your room is essential. You don’t want to get stuck making several trips with just a few odds and ends. Put everything in a suitcase or a box to cut down on the number of trips you make and to ensure nothing gets lost in transport.


  1. Keep in mind people will be there to help

If you are moving into the residence halls this fall, there will be an army of students and staff ready to help you unload your car, so keep that in mind when you are packing. Try to secure all fragile and valuable items for fool-proof transport.


  1. Keep hanging clothes on the hanger in a garbage bag

This is the fastest way to pack your closet and is highly effective. Stuff your closet into just two or three garbage bags and you won’t have to deal with the clump of hangers once you start to move!


  1. Remember, Jacksonville has a Target

If you are coming from out of town, you don’t necessarily need to come loaded down with everything you need before you get here. Believe it or not, Jacksonville has a Walmart and there are even two Targets within two miles of campus. So if you forgot something, don’t stress, we have stores! You may not even know what you really need until you get here, see your room and see what your roommate(s) brought.


  1. Pack a fan

As most of you know…we live in Florida. It gets hot here. It’s especially hot in August during fall move-in. You will sincerely thank us for reminding you to bring a fan to cool off in front of once you get all of your boxes lugged to your room. You’re welcome.


  1. Bring proper equipment to make your move easier

If you plan on bringing a fridge, you may want to pack a dolly or rolling cart to help get it inside. This will save your back and spare you the stress of dropping and destroying the expensive fridge your parents just bought you.

move in

  1. Most importantly, relax and enjoy!

Take a breath and relax. Moving to college is an exciting time! So give your parents a break, take all the pictures they want you to and be proud of yourself for making it to this milestone in your life.

family move in

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