Alumni Profile: Psychology

Stephanie Fowler chose the Psychology program at UNF because it offered her the opportunity to conduct research as an undergraduate. Read about her journey from UNF grad to Cancer Prevention Fellow with the National Institute of Health.

Being a student at UNF was one of the best things I did for my career. I’m currently a Cancer Prevention Fellow with the National Institute of Health doing post-doctoral work. It is my job to find ways to prevent cancer. It is so rewarding to work as a psychologist to study the effects of human behaviors in the development of cancer. My hope is that the research I am conducting will influence national policies that will help people change their negative behaviors to improve their health and risk for cancer.

I would not be here today if I did not have the foundation that began at the University of North Florida. The experience and knowledge I gained through the research I participated in as an undergraduate more than prepared me for my masters and Ph.D. programs.

I chose UNF because I knew I wanted to participate in research to help me prepare for a career in research. Just one example of my research activities included studying social psychology to determine what factors cause human attitudes including prejudice and stereotypes. My Honor’s thesis was based on the additional lab work I did on extreme attitudes making me a top candidate for graduate school. I am still using that experience during my post-doctoral work at the National Institute of Health. It played a huge role in my being offered this position.

I hope that you will learn more about the opportunities at UNF, especially in psychology. Getting to know faculty and students and working with them on research was a life-changing experience for me. I hope it can be for you, too.


Stephanie L. Fowler, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Cancer Prevention Fellow
National Cancer Institute

You can learn more about the Psychology program and the University of North Florida on our website!

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