Spring Break Safety

Spring break is one of the most anticipated weeks of the school year for college students. One full week in the middle of spring semester off from class, homework and having to deal with professors. But let’s be honest, spring break is notorious for getting students in trouble as well. So let’s go through some basic spring break necessities that will keep you and your friends safe and having fun.

  1. Secure your home

One week may not seem like a long time, but it is still plenty of time for someone to break in and steal your stuff. So before you head out to the beach or hometown, be sure your residence hall or apartment is totally locked up. Check all windows, porch doors and do not hide a key. If someone needs to get in your apartment, take the key to them instead of leaving it behind for someone else to find.


  1. Dude, where’s my car?

If you are carpooling with friends for the week, where you leave your car matters. The residence hall parking lots are a safe bet, but try to park it in front of a building and under a street lamp. Do a check to ensure there are no personal belongings like iPods or sunglasses visible through the windows of your car. And of course, triple check that the doors are locked!


  1. Stay stalker-free

We all know you are excited about the condo you and friends rented or the restaurants you will visit during spring break. But posting your location on social media every time you take a step can be very dangerous. If you can wait, save the check-in on Facebook for when you get back and not while you are still in the location. You never know who might be trolling your social media profiles.


  1. “Wait, I have to get a job eventually?”

Yes, that is the actual point of college. So while you may be tempted to post that “super-hot pic” of you and your friends on spring break with red solo cups in the background, let’s not. According to Business News Daily, 60 percent of employers research applicant’s social networks during the hiring process. So a job may seem years in the future, but learning proper social media etiquette now might save you from missing out on that dream position because of something you posted in college.


  1. Find my friends

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably used the Find My Friends app before. This app is a great way to keep up with your friends on vacation and make sure someone at home knows where you are at all times. Let’s be honest, you’re never without your phone so why not let mom and dad have some piece of mind while you’re gone, or make sure your friends never lose you. Even if you are tracking your friends on the app, it is always best to use the buddy system! Never get caught alone.


  1. Ask the experts

If you have any questions about safety or just want a few more tips, the University Police Department is there to help. One of our officers will happily answer any questions you may have or even do a quick check of your car before you head out. So stay alert, be smart and have a blast!

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