Alumni Profile: Political Science

Shane Lancer graduated from the University of North Florida’s Political Science program. Read how Shane’s experience at UNF helped prepare him for the next steps in his education.


After graduating from UNF’s Political Science program, I went directly to graduate study at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR). I am currently working as a Research Assistant at the ILR School’s Worker Institute while earning a master’s degree. In my studies and my research, I focus on issues relevant to the contemporary labor movement, union organizing and workers’ rights.

My experience at UNF made all the difference in where I am now. The writing, critical thinking and interpersonal skills that I learned at UNF molded me into the sort of candidate that a school like Cornell seeks for graduate study. The skills I gained at UNF helped shape my ability to not only thrive in graduate school but to also give back to the profession through new academic research.

The connections I made with faculty, are some that will last throughout my career. At UNF, I gained mentors who are always ready to offer sound academic and career guidance. The faculty always make time for students with genuine interests in the political science. I was always able to connect with them outside of class.

The solid foundation of political science knowledge I gained at UNF afforded me a broad platform from which to launch my graduate career. Without first understanding political theory, U.S. constitutional law, and comparative international politics, I would never have been able to explore the nuanced understanding I now have of the U.S. labor movement and its influence on domestic policy.


Shane Lancer
UNF Alumni

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