Alumni profile: Education

David Jamison graduated from the University of North Florida’s Education program in 2014. Here is his testimony about how getting his degree at UNF prepared him for his career in teaching.


After graduating from UNF in 2014, I was thrilled to get a position at Wayman Academy of the Arts where I teach second grade Language Arts.

The education I received at UNF provided me the skills and knowledge I need to be a successful educator. But most importantly, it built my confidence as a professional and helped me understand my role as a teacher. As a UNF graduate, I was fully prepared for the job I now have. As a UNF student, I did internships and field studies in a variety of schools and neighborhoods. One of those internships was in an urban school, which is somewhere I never saw myself working. During this internship, I gained a deep understanding of the challenges children face in inner-city communities, and I knew it was the place for me.

Being an education major at UNF means you will be very prepared to begin your career when you graduate. It means completing portfolios, gathering classroom artifacts, doing research, shadowing local teachers, working with students of various learning levels, ESOL program/internships, reading programs, math, science and art. But the biggest benefit is the opportunity to go out to the local schools and interact with students, teaching and conducting various educational learning projects. My UNF experience made me the teacher that I am today.


David Jamison,
Educator at Wayman Academy in Jacksonville, Fla.

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