Alumni profile: Construction Management

Jonathan Spinks graduated from the University of North Florida’s Construction Management program in 2016. Here is his testimony about how UNF propelled him forward in his career.

When I ended my tour of active duty in 2012 here in Jacksonville, Fla., my wife and I loved the city and wanted to stick around. The University of North Florida’s Construction Management program seemed like a perfect fit for me, with my background in home construction. I’ve worked on custom homes and become a successful business owner. I also gained credibility in an industry where much of my competition doesn’t have formal education in construction.

UNF requires that students complete at least one internship before earning their degree, which I find to be one of the many advantages of the program. Learning the trades, meeting the local industry movers and shakers and seeing impressive construction projects completed are some of the best experiences the program has to offer.

I also competed on HGTV’s Flipping the Block while I was a UNF student, and my wife and I are currently in development for our own HGTV show, Florida Flippers. I own an interior design, decorating and real estate investment business. I learn new things every day. When combined with the things learned in the classroom as an Osprey, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind of growth, learning and fun! My experiences at UNF made this possible for me, and I know that becoming an Osprey will provide you with just as many incredible opportunities.


Jonathan Spinks,
2016 UNF Construction Management Graduate

Learn more about the Construction Management program at the University of North Florida on the program website.

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