Top five tips for college students

There are so many survival guides and tips to help new college students make the most of their time in school. Everyone has a different experience and different ways of handling the stress and excitement that comes with being a college student. Here are five simple and straightforward tips from college students, for college students on how to make sure you pass your classes this semester.

  1. Be realistic when choosing your class schedule.

You know yourself better than anyone. Colleges will get you connected with advisers to help you choose a major and your classes. However, you need to be mindful of the schedule that is going to ultimately allow you to be the most successful student you can be. If you are not a morning person, do not choose classes that are early in the morning if you do not have to. Map out your dream schedule prior to choosing classes, and try to create one for yourself that is as close to that as you can. Pay attention to your registration time slot and sign up for classes as soon as they are available to you.


2. Office hours

Office hours with your professor will be your absolute best friend through your entire time in college. Take advantage of these office hours as much as you can. This is when you can ask you professor any question regarding the course and be able to receive individualized attention. Even if you do not have questions for your professor, it is recommended that you stop by their office during office hours to make a personalized connection. College is preparation for your career, so treat it as the utmost priority. By networking and making connections that will last after graduation, you are taking essential steps towards a successful career. Not only that, but by utilizing your resources your professor will notice that you are committed to your success and could help you if you have trouble later on in the semester.

3. Personal planners

Personal planners, whether they are paper or electronic, are a total must for college students. Get a planner that fits your style and needs and makes you want to use it. Start by marking all important due dates and activities in your planner on the first day of classes upon receiving your syllabus. One of the hardest things about surviving college is making sure that you have managed your time wisely. A personal planner will help you stay focused on your tasks ahead and visualize when you have free time to celebrate all of you hard work.


4. Go to every single class

This seems like a given but that is not always the case. College is the first step into adulthood and when you will begin making decisions for yourself. Professors do not always take attendance and will sometimes not penalize students for missing class. However, this is not an invitation to skip. Professors will go over information during class lectures that is not always included in textbooks or study materials. Also, by going to class everyday your professor will recognize not only your face but your commitment to passing the course.

5. Academic advisors

You will be assigned an academic adviser based on the major that you choose. This person’s job is to make sure you graduate on time. Meet with them at least once a semester so that both of you are on the same page about where you are in terms of graduating. Think of them as a professor that you will have all four years, and think of your road to graduation as a class. Make due dates for yourself and set deadline goals so that you can graduate on time!

The most important tip for surviving college is to have fun and be yourself! These survival guides are helpful when doing research, but it’s important to keep in mind that college is going to be a unique experience for everyone. Work hard and play slightly less hard and you will be just fine!

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