Webinar Recap: Orientation

If you missed our live webinar about orientation, we’ve got all the details right here.

After being admitted into UNF, all first time in college students are required to attend the two-day orientation program. There will be a non-refundable fee of $160 for the program. This fee will cover students’ stay on campus in the Osprey Fountains, as well as their meals. Students will be paired with a trained student staff member, otherwise known as their orientation leader. During orientation, students will be able to meet with someone to set up or confirm housing and meal plans and they will also meet with their academic advisor to register for the first semester. Transfer students have a one-day orientation with a fee of $50. There is a separate orientation (at an additional fee) for parents who would like to attend, but they will not be able to stay on campus during the overnight program.

Orientation Dates

We encourage students to register as early as possible. Sessions are first, come first serve and once they fill up, they are no longer available!

  • Transfer Session

-April 28

-May 10


-August 12

-August 16


  • Summer 2016

May 24-25

May 26-27

-May 31-June 1

-June 2-3

-June 6-7


  • Fall 2016

-July 30-July 31

-July 7-8

-July 11-12

-July 14-15

-July 18-19


  • Honors Orientation

-June 9-10

If unable to attend the Honors orientation date, please call for an additional date.


What to do before attending orientation

First-year students are required to live on campus and have a meal-plan.

  • Complete housing contract (pay $300 housing deposit)
  • Complete meal membership (pay $300 meal membership deposit)
  • Complete immunizations (all students born after 1956 are required)

If you have any questions regarding Orientation, please contact (904) 620-1722.

If you have any questions regarding immunizations, please contact (904) 620-2175.


  • Complete FAFSA (Free application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify for loans, grants, work study
  • Application process opens January 1, 2016
  • May qualify for on campus work-study program

The FAFSA is optional, but we recommend it! You can always decline if you end up getting a scholarship or money from elsewhere.

If you have any questions regarding financial aid, please contact (904) 620-5555.


Is there a fee?

Yes, there is a fee of $160, this covers your stay on campus as well as meals.

Where will I stay?

Students will stay at the Osprey Fountains on campus, along with three roommates. You will not be allowed to pick your roommate, but you will have your own bedroom within the suite.

How long is the orientation program?

This is a two-day program and students are required to be there both days.

Can my parents come?

We encourage parents to attend the parent orientation, which is $50. The first day of parent orientation is 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m., the next day is 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Parents must arrange outside accommodation for their overnight stay.

What if I can’t stay for the entire two-day session?

It is mandatory that students attend both days of orientation. If you can’t, we encourage you to sign up for a session that you’re available to attend both days. If none of these sessions work, please contact the orientation office.

If I’m waiting for a response from the Honors Program, should I sign-up for regular orientation or wait to sign up for the Honors Orientation?

We encourage students to sign-up for a regular orientation date that you are able to attend, because these do fill up. If you get accepted into the Honors program after signing up for the regular orientation, just give us a call and we can switch it with no extra cost to you.

Are transfer students required to attend the two-day orientation?

No, transfer students have a separate orientation that is one day.

Are transfer students required to provide immunizations as well?

Yes, all students born after 1956 are required to complete immunizations.

Can first-year students be excused from living on campus?

Rarely, only for extreme reasoning.

Which meal-plan is best?

The most popular is the 10-14 meals a week plan.

What are dining dollars?

Dining dollars are similar to the use of a debit card. You can load an amount onto your Osprey1 card and they can be used to pay for meals at any of the restaurant locations on campus.

If I don’t use all of my dining dollars throughout the semester, can I use them next semester?

No, dining dollars do not roll over. It is best to use all dining dollars each semester.

If I have Florida Prepaid, will they pay my housing deposit?

No, you will be responsible for paying the $300 deposit. You will have to contact Florida Prepaid or housing to find out which housing options work best under your Florida Prepaid account.

How will I stay in contact with UNF?

Through your UNF email account (myWings) — be sure to check frequently!

Watch the entire webinar right now:


Written by Dieh’l Martin

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