#MollyTheIntern Explains: Why UNF is the right fit

Just think of all the factors you have to take into consideration when choosing the right college. Will it be easy to establish a social life? How high are my chances of getting that internship I want? Will there be a million other students in my classes? Is it impossible to find a job on campus? The list is seemingly endless. But what if I told you that many of these never ending questions can be traced back to one simple answer? You must be clever because you guessed it- size.

Turns out that the size of the student population at a University can be a major indicator of the typical campus experience, covering everything from how comfortable you are asking a question in the middle of a lecture to how good of a workout you’re going to get when you hit your school’s gym. In relation to the nearly 4,000 other four year institutions in the country, the University of North Florida falls into the upper-mid size range of student bodies. With just over 16,000 current students, even Goldilocks has to admit the size is just right. We all know I personally love lists, so here is another one for you guys that names just a few reasons why the size of UNF makes it the ideal campus to call home.

1. The new face/ old face ratio.

One of my very favorite things about being a student at UNF is that while I constantly see new people every time I walk through campus, I also never go a day without seeing a handful of people that I already know. The importance of this ratio may not be immediately obvious to a senior in high school, but any college freshman could quickly point out how vital it is to strike that balance that will optimize the comfort of your transition into what my grandma calls “A lovely young lady”. Or dude. Basically, what i’m trying to say is that you’re never going to be too intimidated to pursue your interests and you’re never going to struggle to find others who share them.

2. You’ll never have to take a number.

Although it isn’t necessarily our favorite priority, the relationship we form with our professors is certainly one of the most important. That is why the average ratio at UNF is about 33 students per professor. By keeping the number of students each professor has on the smaller side, students are able to receive much more individualized attention in and out of the classroom. Many UNF students are fortunate enough to receive recommendation letters or do independent research for professors. I was even lucky enough to find a professor who has been a sort of role model that I can go to with life issues outside of just academia. It’s the little things like not having to wonder if a single professor will remember your name this semester that complete the ideal college experience.

3. Big fish/ bigger pond

Compared with neighboring state universities, UNF has a relatively small student body. The campus, however, has expanded twice its size within the four years that I’ve been here alone. Yet even with academic expansion UNF still has miles of untouched land, making up the beautiful nature preserve that surrounds the school. The campus offers a sort of secluded feel, but travel just a few minutes in any direction and you’ll find that UNF is brilliantly located within a short distance from all of Jacksonville’s best hot spots. Not to be overlooked, the city throws students from several local colleges into a much bigger pond with unlimited entertainment and opportunity.With a population twice the size of Miami, Jacksonville offers networking opportunities that are invaluable. UNF students are particularly lucky because of the strong presence the university has in the local community. This presence fosters ties with numerous major corporations and fortune 500 companies such as CSX and Fidelity. UNF’s campus is small enough to take full advantage of a range of leadership opportunities, while the city is large enough to take advantage of otherwise scarce career opportunities. What more could you ask for?

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Take a day to explore UNF’s campus and the city that surrounds it, and you’ll see for yourself just how beneficial the best of both worlds can be.

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