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~Guest submission by One Stop Student Serivces

It’s that time again, folks! Summer registration and Fall ATR are fast approaching. Here in One Stop Student Services we know you have a ton of questions, so we’re going to take a moment and break it down for you.

What in the World is ATR?

In higher education, we love to use acronyms. ATR stands for Advanced Term Registration (I know, you were thinking it meant All Things Rock).  Basically, Fall ATR means that students who were enrolled at UNF during the prior Fall and/or Spring term will be allowed to register for both Summer (if applicable) and Fall terms at the same time.

Who is eligible for ATR?

Only degree-seeking students who were enrolled for the prior Fall and/or Spring term at UNF AND are not currently on academic suspension are allowed to register for Fall classes during ATR.  The best way to know if you are eligible is to check your Registration Time Ticket (I know, you’re thinking, “What is a Registration Time Ticket?” Don’t worry; I’ll explain that further down so keep reading.) Below is a list of students who are not eligible for Fall ATR:

  • Newly Admitted Freshmen– All incoming freshmen are required to register for the Summer (if applicable) and Fall classes when they attend New Student Orientation.
  • Transfer students admitted to Summer – Transfer student who are admitted to Summer will be allowed to register for their Summer courses, but will have to wait to register for Fall courses until regular Fall registration begins in late July or early August. They will be issued a separate Time Ticket for the regular Fall registration period.
  • Transfer students admitted to Fall- Transfer students who are admitted to the upcoming Fall term will be allowed to register for classes when regular Fall registration begins in late July or early August.
  • Non-degree seeking students and special populations- Some populations of students are only allowed to register on specific dates. These populations include: transient students, Learning for a Lifetime students, post-baccalaureate non-degree seeking students or students utilizing a State Employee Waiver.  If you are one of these students, please refer to the UNF Academic Calendar for your registration date.

When is ATR?

ATR begins when Summer registration begins and usually ends when Summer B registration ends (usually in late June). For the exact dates, refer to the UNF Academic Calendar.

What happens if I’m eligible for ATR but don’t register for my Fall classes?

We will kick you out of school. Just kidding! Students are not required to take advantage of ATR, but it is strongly recommended. ATR gives current students registration priority so that they can get the classes they need to stay on track to graduate. Many classes fill up quickly, especially the ones being offered at peak class times. If you do miss ATR, you’ll be issued a regular Fall registration time ticket in July.

If I do register during ATR, is my Fall schedule “set in stone”?

No! You will be able to adjust your schedule once regular Fall registration begins in late July or early August. It is also important to realize that if you do register during ATR, you can’t just “set it and forget it”. There are some instances where your schedule may change. In some cases, a department may have to cancel a section of a course. In other cases, students who fail to pass a prerequisite for a Fall class they were taking in the Summer may get administratively dropped from the Fall class. In addition, International students are still required to comply with the International Insurance Agreement to avoid being dropped from classes prior to the start of the Fall term.

What else do I need to know about registering for classes?

Regardless of whether you are registering during ATR or regular term registration, there are a few key points to know.

      • Registration Time Tickets– Every student is assigned a Registration Time Ticket. This is simply a designated day and time during which you can BEGIN registering for classes. Time Tickets can be viewed in your myWings account. You can see when Time Tickets will be assigned by visiting the UNF Academic Calendar. I also encourage you to check out our “First Term Registration” blog to learn more about how Time Tickets are assigned and where to find yours in your myWings account.
      • Registration Add Errors– Certain courses have specific requirements and you must meet these standards and any other rules placed on the course by the department before you can register for a particular course. For example, a course may be limited to students with a specific major or to those in the Honors Program. If you don’t meet the requirements set for the course you may see a Registration Add Errorwhen you try to add the course to your schedule. Check out our Registration Add Error document to find out who you should contact for the error you are seeing.
      • Registration Holds– When you check your registration status in myWings, you will see any Registration Holds that will prevent you from registering for classes. Many of these hold can be cleared immediately. Others, you will need to contact the department listed by the hold to find out how to get it cleared.
      • Academic Advising– One of your best resources on campus is your academic advisor. Transfer students and current students are not typically required to meet with an academic advisor, but it is strongly recommended. Your academic advisor will make course recommendations based on course work you have already completed, credits you may have earned through credit by exam (such as AP, IB, AICE, CLEP, etc.) and, of course, your intended major. He or she will help ensure the classes you register for will satisfy requirements for your degree and help keep you on track to graduate on time.

If you have any questions about registration, One Stop Student Services is here to help! Give us a call, (904) 620-5555, reach out via our online contact form, Tweet us @unf_one_stop, hit us up on Facebook, or if you want to see our smiling faces, drop by our office in Hicks Hall.

Helpful Resources

Registration Add Errors
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