The many ways to become an Osprey

The University of North Florida has a diverse student body. Each student has taken their own path to find their way into the Osprey Flock. Here a quick overview on how to GET IN!

Traditional First-Time-in-College Freshman
Most students envision themselves becoming an Osprey immediately after graduating from high school. Each fall and spring, we send our recruiters out to high schools and college fairs all over the country to recruit the next class of incoming freshmen. We receive thousands of applications from graduating seniors, and admissions become more and more competitive with each passing year. To best accommodate as many qualified students as possible, we admit students to not only the traditional fall term, but to our summer and spring terms as well.

Non-traditional Freshman
Whether they decided to proudly serve our county, go immediately into the workforce, or just didn’t see higher education as an option, some students decide not to attend college immediately after graduating from high school. When they are ready however, we’re ready to welcome them! Although these students still have to meet the same competitive requirements as our traditional freshmen, we are here to advise throughout the admission process.

Lower Level Transfer Student
There is a common misconception that if a student is not admitted as a freshman, or originally decided to attend another institution, he or she must earn an A.A. Degree to be admitted to UNF. This is a myth.

Students who have earned 12-59 credit hours at a previous institution can apply as a lower-level transfer student. Lower-level transfer students must meet minimum State standards in regards to the ACT/SAT and high school coursework, and have earned a certain GPA at their previous institution.

Here are some examples of how or why students Join the Flock as a lower level transfer student: It is an alternative for students who may not have been admissible as an incoming freshman due to low ACT or SAT test scores for example. Students are given the opportunity to transfer to UNF once some college-level work has been completed successfully – basically the proof is in the pudding! Or, if you’re unhappy at your current institution, and would like to transfer to UNF, you would also fall within this category. Finally, military personnel who have earned some college credit can take advantage of this option.

Upper Level Transfer Student
One of the most common paths students take to become an Osprey is to apply as an upper level transfer student. To be eligible you must either have earned an A.A. Degree OR completed 60+ transferable credit hours.

Through policies like ‘common course numbering’ and ‘statewide articulation agreements’, the State of Florida makes it very easy for students who have earned an A.A. Degree at any in-state, public institution to transfer to a State university.  Students without an A. A. Degree but with 60+ transferable credit hours (for example, students from private institutions, other universities and out-of-state schools) can also apply as an upper level transfer student.

Post Baccalaureate Student
Each semester, UNF welcomes a number of students with a post baccalaureate status. There are a variety of options for students in this category, including earning a second bachelor’s degree, pursuing one of UNF’s certification programs, completing prerequisites for a master’s degree, or taking classes for personal enrichment.

Graduate and Doctoral Student
Although UNF is best known for its undergraduate programs, we also offer higher-level degrees. In fact, we have over 30 master’s degree programs, 10 graduate certificate programs, and three doctoral degrees.

So there you have it, no matter which path you choose, we want you to Join the Flock! We understand that knowing when and how to apply to UNF can be overwhelming. For this reason, our admissions counselors are available to assist students through this process! Call, email or drop by – we’re here to help you.

For Undergraduate Information:
Phone: (904)620-5555

For Graduate Information:
Phone: (904)620-1360

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