Neighborhood Spotlight: Southside

Town Center - Southside, Jacksonville
Town Center – Southside, Jacksonville

I consider myself an EXPERT at two things, eating and shopping, so it’s a good thing UNF is so close to one of the best places to accomplish both – The St. Johns Town Center. Lucky for us, The Town Center is located in Jacksonville’s Southside, which is right in our backyard. From Mickey D’s to Capital Grille there is a flavor for everyone! However, I must say my absolute favorite place is the Cheesecake Factory. Not only do they have a delicious menu, they also have over 10 different cheesecakes to choose from — That is desert heaven! If you are a fan of inexpensive concerts, Whiskey River often has bands like Thompson Squared or Sugar Ray playing on the weekend!

Ladies, do you get tired of having to beg your man to coming shopping? You’ll be happy to know the Town Center has an Apple store and a Dick’s Sporting Goods and so many other great stores. I know several guys who have become frequent flyers there! The stores in the Town Center are great because they offer a variety of items to choose from and many are easy on the budget. For example, there’s also a Target and when I lived on campus, in Osprey Crossings, I would often shop there for dorm supplies. Some supplies I didn’t even know I needed until I saw them! If you don’t like outside shopping malls we also have the Avenue’s Mall located about 10 minutes away from school! The Avenue’s features all the typical department stores such as Sears and J.C. Penny’s as well as a two story Forever 21!

Tinseltown Movie Theater - Southside, Jacksonville - Taken from:
Tinseltown Movie Theater – Southside, Jacksonville – Taken from:

Need a movie theater for date night or just a night out with your friends? Tinseltown is the place to go! Not only do they play all the latest movies in XD they also offer great deals. Discount Tuesday is my favorite.  Tuesday is discount movie night, with most movies costing only $6. You can’t beat that price! Also, you can receive a discount just by being a student. All you need to do is show your student ID at the box office.  No matter what mood you are in: shopping, movies, or hanging out with friends…  you’ll find a place on the Southside of Jacksonville!

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