Swoop Squad
Swoop Action!

Did you know that SWOOP is not only a word, but a movement? The SWOOP Squad (Students With Outstanding Osprey Pride)  was invented by Kris Dalton, the Assistant Director of the Visitor Center and Orientation Office! The UNF Visitors Center wants to show you why you should choose UNF as your university. The Visitor Center Staff are continuously working to make your tour experience informative and memorable. The tour guides who work in the UNF Visitor Center office are members of the SWOOP Squad and are a very special group. They work with us, not only on tours, but also on Orientation Events as our newest Ospreys (Freshmen) join the nest!

All our tour guides are Swoop Squad members and are very knowledgeable and passionate about UNF. A Swoop Squad member will lead your tour and will teach you the SWOOP so that you too, can be a “Swooper” when you come out to visit the campus of the University of North Florida! Come on out and let us show you around!

We are excited to tell you about all of the higher education opportunities offered at UNF – programs, activities, and degrees. From the size of our classes to the beauty of our campus – UNF is a special place that we would love to share with you. Check out our Visitor Center page at http://www.unf.edu/admissions/visitors/ for some general information and to find a link for directions and local hotels offering great UNF rates. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the different opportunities to visit our campus. Click on the option of your choice to find the reservation form. We will send you an email confirming your tour date and time. The Weekday Campus Tour option definitely gives you a wide variety of dates and times to visit.

Our campus tour covers everything from an Admissions information presentation from one of our coordinators, to a Housing tour, and then, of course – a tour of our beautiful campus. Your tour will end up in our new Student Union food court area where you are welcome to stay for lunch or shopping at the UNF Bookstore. At this time you could purchase new UNF gear to wear home! Our campus shuttles will SWOOP you up to bring you back to UNF Hall for your departure. When you return to UNF Hall – you are welcome to visit the Admissions Office for more questions and information as you make this all important decision. We are sure you will enjoy your tour experience and will go home and tell all your friends that not only did you learn to SWOOP just like a UNF Osprey, but also you want to be one!  Looking forward to seeing you here soon!

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What do Ospreys do?


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