Eating on campus

Going off to college can be scary. I mean, how are you going to eat without your parents making food magically appear in the fridge? So, if cereal is the only thing you know how to cook, don’t worry, UNF Dining has you covered, fam. To ease your stress, we’re going to go through some of the most frequently asked questions about campus meal memberships.

Are meal memberships mandatory?

UNF requires all first-time-in-college (FTIC) students living in University Housing to participate in the Meal membership Program. But trust me, this will save your life! The minimum requirement for FTIC students living in University Housing for the Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 terms is ten meals per week. The minimum requirement for FTIC students living in University Housing for the 2017 Summer B term is ten meals per week.

Where can I use my meal membership?

Your meals can be used at the Osprey Café or exchanged for a meal credit of $4.60 at any other dining location on campus. Use your Campus Dining Dollars included in your meal membership at any of the other 13 places to eat on campus.

Where else is there to eat besides the Osprey Café?

UNF has 13 additional dining locations on campus. There is Jamba Juice in the Student Wellness Complex. The Boathouse restaurant, Einstein Bros Bagels, Chick-n-Grill, Papa Johns and Outtakes in the Student Union. Chick-fil-a, Chop’d and Wrap’d and Outtakes in Alumni Square. Starbucks, which is obviously a necessity, is located in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. Ozzie’s Convenience Store and Grill is located in the Osprey Fountains, which is a residence hall on campus, and Pita Pit is in the Osprey Clubhouse. And if you are ever in Hicks Hall visiting One-Stop Student Services, you can stop by the Einstein Bros Bagels Kiosk for a quick bite while you wait!


What are Campus Dining Dollars?

Campus Dining Dollars are embedded on your Osprey1 Card and work similar to a debit card, allowing you to make purchases of food items ONLY (Florida Prepaid Meal membership Tax Exemption) at all UNF dining locations on campus. When you purchase a meal membership, you also have the option to purchase additional Campus Dining Dollars. Please note, campus dining dollars are good for the term in which they are purchased and will expire at the end of each term for all dining memberships.

What if I need to make changes to my meal membership?

If you purchased a meal membership and determined that you need a different plan, you must contact the UNF Dining Services office to handle meal membership changes. Meal membership changes may take up to three business days to show on your student account. The UNF dining services office is located on the 2nd floor of Bldg. 16, Osprey Commons.

  • Meal membership changes are allowed until drop/add date.
  • You may only change to a higher level meal membership.

What if I have special dietary needs?

UNF Dining is proud to offer a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options on campus. Look for the vegan and vegetarian identifiers at the Osprey Café and throughout campus. You will also find several gluten-conscious options, as well. If you have any questions about which options these are, just ask a UNF Dining staff member!


How much do the meal memberships cost?

Remember, the minimum meal membership requirement for first-time in college students living in University Housing for Summer B 2017, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 is 10 meals per week.

Summer 2017:

Full Summer 10


10 meals per week

+ 300 Campus Dining Dollars

Full Summer 7 7 meals per week

+ 400 Campus Dining Dollars

Summer A 10 10 meals per week

+ 150 Campus Dining Dollars

Summer A 7 7 meals per week

+ 200 Campus Dining Dollars

Summer B 7 day


7 day a week continuous

+ 100 Campus Dining Dollars

Summer B 5 day


Mon-Fri continuous

+ 150 Campus Dining Dollars

Summer B 14 14 meals per week

+ 125 Campus Dining Dollars

Summer B 10 10 meals per week

+ 150 Campus Dining Dollars

75 Block Membership 75 meals per semester

+ 150 Campus Dining Dollars

45 Block Membership 45 meals per semester

+ 200 Campus Dining Dollars

30 Block Membership 30 meals per semester

+ 200 Campus Dining Dollars



Fall 2017 and Spring 2018:

7 day ALL ACCESS 7 meals per week continuous
+ 150 Campus Dining Dollars
5 day ALL ACCESS Mon-Fri continuous

+ 300 Campus Dining Dollars

19 Meals Per Week 19 meals per week

+ 150 Campus Dining Dollars

14 Meals Per Week 14 meals per week

+ 250 Campus Dining Dollars

10 Meals Per Week 10 meals per week

+ 300 Campus Dining Dollars

110 Block Meals 110 meals per semester

+ 200 Campus Dining Dollars

75 Block Meals 75 meals per semester

+ 250 Campus Dining Dollars

45 Block Meals 45 meals per semester

+ 300 Campus Dining Dollars



How do I purchase a meal membership?

  • Log in to myWings account
  • Go to Student Self Service and select “meal membership”
  • Select “Student Housing and meal membership” from available options (Summer meal memberships must be paid in full prior to attending orientation).
  • Visit “Bill & Pay” in myWings to make payments after completing your meal membership selection. Meal membership charges will be automatically placed on your student account.

* UNF strongly recommends that students using online forms of payment (e-check, credit card) “target” payments to the meal membership charges.

* If you have sufficient financial aid or other funds, you must complete the financial aid authorization form before you will have the option to defer payment. You will have the opportunity to complete the authorization online at time of purchase.

To purchase a Meal membership, log in to myWings using the link provided at

If this information is overwhelming to you and you aren’t sure what you will need, don’t stress. One of the best things to do is come on a campus tour and ask your tour guide. Our tour guides or Swoop Squad members are all UNF students. They have been in your shoes and will be able to answer your questions from experience. If you need additional help contact one of these campus resources:

UNF Dining Services Office

  • Selecting a meal membership
  • Change your meal membership
  • If you need to know hour of operations for any dining services
  • If you lost your Student ID card and need to use a Meal membership voucher
  • Your card is not working at a UNF dining location
  • Cancel a meal membership

Located on the 2nd floor of Bldg. 16 Osprey Commons.

Hours of operation: Monday- Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

(904) 620-2543

UNF Student Financial Services

Contact if you have questions about payments or charges related to your meal membership.

One Stop Student Services

Contact if you need assistance with navigating the meal membership purchase application.

(904) 620-5555

Hicks Hall, Bldg 53, Suite 1700

Mailing Address:
UNF One Stop
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224



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