Go to the Green!

What do you do when there is no gas in your car, no money in your wallet, and no food in your kitchen? GO TO THE UNF GREEN!!!!!!!

I have been out of money for three weeks now; I have eaten all of the food in my fridge and pantry and I have burned all the gas in my tank. So at this point in my life, I had to ask myself, “how am I going to survive with no food, no travel, no gym, and no live entertainment?”. Then it hit me: go to the GREEN!!

The Green at UNF is the perfect place for any starving, bored, out-of- shape  college student to go because there are always clubs handing out hotdogs, hamburgers, cokes, waters, and all other types of foods like mouth-watering cookies for lunch and dinner.

The Green is not just a place to fill your grumbling tummy; it is also a place to listen to music, people watch, and admire the artistic abilities of the dancers and painters.  Sitting on the benches bordering the Green, with the warmth of the sun and the protection of the shade, is the best place to de-stress from school, have a free lunch with a friend, watch the people interact, and maybe get some studying done for that test coming up. The benches are also the perfect place to observe the performances of the speedy painters, and watch the wonderful choreography done by the dance groups.

On any given day, the Green is filled with people getting together to play Frisbee, football, soccer, corn-hole, larp, and really any other game you can think of. If you want a good workout, feel free to meet new people and join their game of soccer or football. Do not worry about not being a good player. As long as you are a good sport, everyone will be more than happy to teach you the rules and help you improve your game.

Joining the sport groups will give you a better workout then if you attended a gym for an hour a day. You will also be getting your proper dose of vitamin D from the sun and you will achieve that lovely summer tan you work so hard to get during summer break.

The Green is also just a great place to grab a couple friends and a blanket and lay out during lunchtime.

So weather you need a filling meal, a great work out, new friends, fun entertainment, or just a nice relaxing day, the Green at UNF will be the perfect place for all your needs and wants to be fulfilled.

Written By – Heather Rubino

(P.S. And for all those starving and penniless students out there, please check out the Lend-a-Wing Pantry for free food and toiletries! https://www.facebook.com/UNFLendAWing)

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