Campus Safety

Emergency outlets are located all over campus

Imagine you’re alone in your dorm and it’s the middle of the night. Someone knocks on your door. You look through the peephole but don’t recognize the person that is knocking. What can you do?

At UNF, students are the number one priority. In order to ensure the safety of its students, several programs and groups have been created.

Crisis Management Team (CMT)

The Crisis Management Team has been established to oversee that campus procedures are followed to ensure that UNF students are as safe as possible. The CMT is equipped “to respond to, recover from, and diminish the effects of a wide variety of disasters that could adversely affect the health, safety, and welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors.”

Supporting Our Students (SOS)

Directed by UNF staff members, the SOS team is trained to recognize and mediate situations in which students display alarming behavior. The SOS team is also prepared to deal with circumstances involving:

  • Disruptive or violent behavior
  • Self-harm or harm towards others
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

Anyone who witnesses alarming behavior should contact the Office of Student Affairs at (904) 620-2600 or the Campus Police Department at (904) 620-2800.

Campus Red Alert System

All students at UNF are required to provide an emergency phone number upon registration. During an emergency, voicemails are sent to students. This procedure is known as the Campus Red Alert System. Each semester, students are asked to update phone numbers.

Victim Advocacy Program

The Women’s Center Victim Advocacy Program, overseen by the Women’s Center, offers 24 hour confidential services to students who have been victims of violence or need:

  • Emotional support
  • Criminal justice advocacy
  • Accompaniment
  • Assistance with problems or concerns

The Crisis Helpline number is (904) 620-1010.

Campus Police Department

The University Police Department works to ensure that rules, policies and traffic laws are followed as well as to protect students and provide general police services. The Department is dedicated to protecting the University’s students and campus.

What if an emergency does arise on campus?

  • Blue Light Safety Polls can be found all throughout campus; near parking lots, buildings and sidewalks. The polls contain a button that alerts the University Police Department.
  • Available not only to students, but also visitors, are the Emergency Code Blue Telephones which have been placed throughout the campus.
  • If you witness a crime but would like to remain anonymous, the University has an online silent witness form:
  • Contact the University Police Department by email:
    Or by phone: (904)620-2800

Safety Tips

  • If you witness suspicious activity, such as an unfamiliar person lurking on campus or a suspicious car patrolling the campus, contact the University Police Department.
  • Always make sure your doors are locked, whether it’s your car door or the door to your dorm.
  • Always let a friend know where you are and who you are with.
  • Ask for an escort if you need to go somewhere on campus and it is late and you have no one to accompany you. Students can request an officer as an escort by calling (904)620-2800.

For more information visit:

Written By: Rebecca Krogman

3 thoughts on “Campus Safety

  1. We appreciate your keeping a sharp eye on that situation. If ever something like that happens again, or anything you find suspicious, please, next time do not hesitate to dial the non-emergency number, “311”. A police officer will be able to handle the situation and prevent what could very well turn out as a crime.

  2. Good to know. I once saw some suspicious activity on campus by way of a car driving back & forth looking at women. I didn’t consider it an emergency, so I didn’t push one of the blue light safety polls.

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