UNF Career Wings

One of the greatest aspects to MyWings that has changed my college experience is Career Wings. My brother was also a student at the University of North Florida and encouraged me to create a resume and post it on Career Wings. Working late nights at Target, with school at 8 a.m. the next day was just too difficult. The money was not worth the stress I was going through. I wanted a great job. I was also a Freshman, so getting used to the college experience was a bit tough.

After completing my resume, I created an account with Career Wings, where I proceeded to post my first resume. They are beyond amazing on there! After posting it, I was advised of the improvements I could make so that the resume could be perfect. After fixing all of my mistakes, the resume was up, and I was able to search for jobs. It was destiny! A week later, I received an email where students were encouraged to send in their resume for the United States Attorneys Office as a student clerk. I sent in my resume and was called a few days later to come in for an interview. They had a lot of students applying. I was so nervous! They loved my resume and the interview went well. I was asked to come in for a second interview as they narrowed it down to two students. After the second interview, I received a phone call, which congratulated me on getting the job!

I was excited beyond words! A federal job!!! The extensive background check with the FBI was fairly long. The paperwork that needed to be completed was definitely a slight source of stress. Everything had to be perfect. After everything was cleared I was able to begin working. Something changed … I became extremely devoted to school and working hard. I wanted to learn as much as I could working with the Assistant United States Attorneys. I became dedicated to getting outstanding grades. I discovered that I had a great love for criminal justice. I switched my major from International Business to Criminal Justice. I worked full-time and took night classes. I also realized that majoring in Communication was also important to me, which led to my decision to work on a dual degree.

With hard work and having taken a ton of summer classes, I will graduate in December 2012 with two degrees in 3 1/2 years. I definitely thank Career Wings for their program and for perfecting my resume. Without learning about the job, I would still be working at Target with a major that was not right for me. I discovered where my true passion was and I am working with great people doing a job that I adore. I encourage everyone to explore the benefits of Career Wings and the great services they have to offer, they have brought me a ton of success and knowledge.

Written By: Dajana Milhaljevic

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