Residence Life

This year, with all of our first-year students living on campus, you have the opportunity to make the most of your experiences living in one of our residence halls!  Here are a few things you need to know to make your year a success in the halls.

Floor meetings

As a resident, it is your responsibility to attend the monthly floor meetings. Your RA will host these meetings once a month and it will be an opportunity for them to share some important information—like when Health and Safety Inspections will be held, or when you need to leave for Winter Break, or discussing Community Standards.  Make sure you attend these meetings so you are always up to date—if you can’t make a meeting, be sure to touch base with your RA before or after the meeting to get the information you need.

Programs and Activities

One of the greatest things about living on campus is that you get to go to all of these programs and activities. In addition to all of the great programming on campus, you’ll get to attend some fun programs in our residence halls, too.  Join your RA, Area Council, or the Residence Hall Association for movie nights, ice cream socials, guest lectures or presentations, and tons of other great activities!

Get Involved!

Want to get involved on campus? Think about joining our student leaders in the residence halls.  Every community on campus has an Area Council; these area councils work closely with the Residence Hall Association (RHA). These groups put on programs and serve as advocates for other members of the community.  Stop by an area council or RHA program or meeting to find out how to get more involved.

What to pack and bring to campus

Before you head out to Bed, Bath & Beyond to stock up on stuff for your room, make sure to check out our website. You can find the Resident Handbook by clicking this link; the Resident Handbook outlines all of our policies. Make sure you check that out before you get here, because you will be held responsible for all following all of the policies.  Also, take a look at our list of recommended items to bring (and not bring) here.  Remember to bring your comforter and computer, but leave your medusa lamp and puppy at home!

We hope that you enjoy your experiences living on campus. If you have any other questions, check out our website at or give our office a call at (904) 620-4663.

We hope to see you soon!

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