We’ve Got Spirit! Yes, We Do!

Written By: Emily Gregorchik

Some people may think that it’s next to impossible for a school with no football team to have school spirit.  Those people have obviously never been to UNF where students prove everyday that their school spirit is alive and well.  Our school spirit can be seen everywhere from Osprey apparel to face painting in support of our basketball team.

Our recent homecoming week brought out the spirit in almost everyone on campus.  With all the activities that went on during the week it was nearly impossible not to be involved.  Activities such as lip-sync competitions, chalk painting and even a carnival are open to everyone on campus and are a great way for students to get out of the dorms or monotony of studying and meet their fellow Ospreys.  Students can even attend the homecoming basketball game where Mr. and Miss UNF will be crowned.

Osprey Productions, an agency of the UNF student government, also gives students an opportunity to show off their spirit through a series of entertainment programs done each semester.  Osprey Productions has brought us concerts by big name performers that are completely free to students.  They’ve also had comedians such as Ralphie Mae, Gabriel Iglesias, and Bo Burnham make even the most cynical ospreys laugh.  They provide movie and trivia nights with free drinks and popcorn and the only cost is a swipe of your UNF ID.

For the sports fanatics, the basketball and baseball games will make you forget that there is no football team.  Nothing is more exciting then sitting in the student section of the basketball games then we play our rival, Jacksonville University.  For free throw shots, the crowd unanimously stands in position, waiting to “swoop” once the shot is made.  The half time performances by the UNF cheerleaders and dance team are always exciting to watch and sometimes a student will be given the chance to try a free throw from mid-court and win prizes to the bookstore.

UNF gives students so much to be proud of.  The campus is absolutely beautiful and students can hike the nature trails or rent a canoe or bike from recreation services.  We have amazing professors and award winning academic programs.  Campus life offers so many ways for students to get involved and meet one another and our sporting events are never dull.  This university has made me proud to say, “Who needs a football team? I’m an Osprey!”

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