UNF Honors: Distinguish Yourself

Written By: Rebecca Krogman


As a student in the Honors Program at UNF, I strongly believe that this program is a great way to become a leader, build credentials, and distinguish oneself both as a student and as an individual. It is also a great way to meet other students who have as strong a vision for their future as you do. Students are not only provided with countless opportunities to excel in academics and future careers, but also with beneficial real world experiences.

Some of the many benefits honors students have are priority registration, special honors housing in the Fountains or the Crossings, scholarships and grants, individualized academic advising, as well as smaller class sizes.

The classes offered by the Honors department also count as general education credits. Students have the options of taking the following classes in the following subjects:  Art, Biology, Chemistry, Communications, Economics, English, History, Math, Music and Psychology. For a complete list of courses visit http://www.unf.edu/honors-scholars/honors/Honors_Courses.aspx

The Honors Program has created special opportunities for its students to travel abroad. Each year, students are offered opportunities to take classes in various countries. In the past, students have had the opportunity to study in Guatemala and Ghana.

The Honors Program nurtures creative, artistic, and intellectual growth.

Become a Leader

The honors program also provides possibilities for undergraduates to become leaders. Students can take the First Year Colloquium course (IDH 1990) in which they learn how to become strong leaders in their communities. Additionally, this course also serves as a general education credit.

Furthermore, there are opportunities to become orientation team leaders for both summer terms and the Week of Welcome. Team leaders are also presented with many benefits such as:

  • Early campus check- in
  • Week of Welcome shirts
  • Networking opportunities
  • Making new friends

Participating in any of these activities teaches students how to become engaged in the community and the importance of diversity.


  • Honors students are able to register for classes earlier
  • Special honors housing is available
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Academic Advising individualized to meet students’ needs
  • Typically, honors classes are limited to 20 students
  • Unique travel abroad opportunities
  • Honors transcripts and diplomas upon graduation
  • Opportunities to become leaders

How to Apply

There are three ways in which incoming students can become part of the Honors Program

  • Auto-Admission
    Students who meet the following requirements set by the Office of Admissions are accepted into the program: 

GPA x 100 + SAT verbal and math test score ≥ 1600

GPA x 100 + ACT test score x 100 ≥ 3150

  • Invitation
    Students who receive UNF merit scholarships are invited to join the Honors Program.
  • Application
    Students who wish to enter the Honors Program can fill out an application and submit an essay and resume. The deadline to apply is May 1.

However, if you are not accepted your freshman year, you can always reapply for the following year’s fall term through the Application Process.

Information provided by the Honors Program. For more information visit http://www.unf.edu/honors-scholars/honors/

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