Roommate Search


Written By: Audreyonna Banks

Picture this: It’s 4:30 in the morning and you wake up to find that your roommate has turned your place into a party that even LMFAO couldn’t handle. What do you do? Do you:

A. Join the party.

B. Leave your room to sleep in the floor lounge.

C. Throw your roommate and their friends out the window.

If you answered anything but A you have found yourself with a roommate conflict. 

One of the biggest fears of incoming freshmen is living with someone they HATE and possibly having to move out. Since everyone has different personalities and living habits it may be hard to find a roommate that’s right for you. But fear not Ospreys, UNF Housing is to the rescue.

For those of you looking to find a compatible person to live with, UNF Housing has created a Roommate Search Profile. This system will help students find same-gender potential roommates with whom they have a lot in common. To get started, follow these steps:

1. Create your own profile.

2. Search through other profiles to find a potential roommate.

3. Message other residents. You can discuss everything from bedtimes to pastimes as well as what each of you would bring to the dorm if you happen to live together.

4. Add your favorite matches to your “Prospective Roommate List.”

5. Reserve the room that you and your roommate have chosen through the Online Room Selection Process

Sounds like a great idea right? This system was created to reduce roommate conflict and from the sound of it, it may be effective. But fellow Ospreys, please remember NO roommate is perfect. Everyone has certain “quirks” about them that make it hard to live with sometimes. To have an ideal living arrangement with anyone communication is key! If your roommate doesn’t know there’s a problem they’ll continue their behavior. If an issue is too hard for you to solve your Resident Assistant is always there to help you (trust me I know).

Also, if you think rooming with your best friend is a good idea you might want to think twice. “Don’t live with your best friend, live with someone you can live with.” says a Resident Assistant for Osprey Fountains. Now, that’s not to say living with a friend is a bad thing but being friends with someone is completely different from living with them. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your friendship over a silly argument about who didn’t take out the trash (hey, it happens). Also, it might get a bit annoying always seeing your best friend day in and day out. Everyone needs their space.

To my future Swoopers, I wish you the best of luck in finding the best roommate for you. Make sure you use the Roommate Search Profile located on the UNF Department of Housing and Residence Life website to help you find your perfect match. For those of you who do find that special roommate, well done my friend. But for those who can’t, well there’s always private rooms!

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