Deans List 101

Written By:  Krissty Andaur

“For all things difficult to acquire, the intelligent man works with perseverance,” said by Lao Tzu.

College is a whirlwind full of exciting new things and people to encounter, but is that all it is really about? Do some people take for granted the opportune time they have during their college years? I believe that in order to achieve greater things, one must push them selves to far limits. Sure making deans list may scare a few, have you ever really worked hard enough to attempt to achieve it?

Although to some college student this may seemed far-fetched, it is actually more attainable than one thinks. As I complete my second semester of sophomore year, I have yet to achieve deans list. Needless to say, I received a 3.49 but the requirement is at least at 3.5 GPA. Some great advice that I can give to my fellow Ospreys is learning time-management. During college, students can get caught up in so many different things that they at times forget the main reason they came to school, to get an education. So although partying and going out may be the top priority, remember why you chose to come to college.

Put school at the top of your list and everything else will fall into place. I chose to make achieving the deans list my priority every time I begin a new semester because although I may fail in getting a 3.5 GPA, I will still be satisfied with having worked my hardest, knowing I didn’t just quit. I knew at the end of my Fall 2011 semester, I had worked my hardest while having a job, taking 5 classes, being a part of a sorority and holding a position in that sorority, that a 3.49 was a great GPA. My goal this semester is again deans list and to all of those who think that they can’t, think again. Push yourself to do better than those around you and you will see how self-consciously you will begin to succeed. I fight to achieve deans list and my grades start slowly rising like magic.

Good luck to all this semester!

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