Starting School in the Summer

Written By: Bridget Scios

A question that many freshman wonder when applying for school is, “Should I start school during the summer or wait for the fall?” There are advantages that come with starting school in the summer rather than the fall.  First, you can get to know the school and the way around the school without all the normal amounts of people there. During the summer, especially summer B, many of the students who are normally on campus for the fall and spring are not there. So, this gives the chance for freshmen to walk around and learn where all the different buildings are so come fall they can find their classes easier.

Another advantage is that it is easier to meet other freshmen. The majority of the people who are there for summer B are freshmen, so since everyone is new it is much easier to get to know people. Everyone is equally nervous about meeting people so it can be easier during the summer going up to people and meeting them than in the fall. Since I am a shy person, it defiantly made it easier for me to meet people because everyone wanted to meet people.

Classes are shorter in the summer, so you get a feel on what the fall would be like. Summer classes are condensed to six weeks instead of the 18 weeks in the fall or spring. Freshmen get an idea of how demanding classes will be and how they can handle classes with summer classes.  Yes, there will be a lot of work and there is usually something due every week, but when you think about how it will be in the spring or fall you realize that it is not as hard as maybe you thought it would be.

With summer it is also a great idea to live on campus. It helps with getting to know the campus and meeting people because there is a lot of free time so you always want something to do. Coming from Tampa, I knew absolutely no one when I came to UNF. Starting in the summer I got to meet people so come fall I knew some people. This also helps beat the homesickness that I felt because my family was so far away.

Starting during the summer also starts you with your college GPA and taking the required nine hours of summer courses. Usually for summer b you take two classes or six credit hours. When it comes time to register for spring classes in the fall, you usually register before the people who start in the fall because it goes by credit hour and GPA. This gives you a better chance of having the classes you want and the times you want.

Overall starting in the summer was definitely one of the best and most helpful things I’ve done for myself.  Summer classes really helped me to see what the classes

5 thoughts on “Starting School in the Summer

  1. If you apply for the fall term but aren’t accepted will you be given the summer term instead?

  2. After the summer term, you will automatically be enrolled for fall (unless there are other circumstances, i.e.: failing classes). Please feel free to email or call 904-620-5555 and we’d be more than happy to discuss how our terms work! Thank you.

  3. Hello! What happens to the freshmen after the summer term? I’ll still a little bit confused how the summer term even works.. 😓

  4. Good Morning, I’m sorry if this answer is a bit late. As you have read our Summer term is only a 6 week semester. As a result, we do not recommend that students take more than two during that time due the fact that it is a condensed semester. This is also due to the workload that comes with a condensed class and also the potential for course conflict (because the class time itself is longer an more frequent). Six credit hours is considered full time for one summer term so two classes will put you at full time and our advising only really encourages two classes. However, you are welcome to discuss the appropriate amount of courses to take during the summer term with your academic advisor during orientation.Together, you can determine the best amount for you.

  5. Bridget, thank you for sharing your UNF experience. I am looking forward to school at UNF this coming summer. You mentioned that the summer session is condensed to six weeks. Does that imply students are only allowed a limited number of classes during the summer? I was hoping to enroll for 4 classes.

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