Intramural Sports

Written By: Kristopher Brant

If you are looking for a great way to get in shape while making new friends, here’s a suggestion – college intramural sports. These sports clubs give you the opportunity to participate in a sport of your choice with friends and fellow students. How it works is that students get together to create their own teams and then compete against each other in leagues run by the school. The different sports you can take part in are not limited to mainstream games such as basketball or baseball. Instead UNF offers leagues for softball, dodge ball, ultimate Frisbee, flag-football, and more.

Where this competition differs from that of official college sports is that you are competing against your fellow classmates and not people from another school. This allows a friendly competitive environment where students can meet and stay fit. Where more serious leagues are focused on winning a championship or furthering a player’s development, intramurals are designed to get more students involved in campus life. You do not need to be of a specific skill level to join a team – all that is required is a joy for the game.

There are no designated practice times or coaches, and the level of commitment that players are asked of is fairly limited. All that is asked by those who organize the leagues are that you show up when your team is scheduled to play. When games are forfeited on multiple occasions, it can send a message to other teams that it is not important to show up, and this can lead to the demise of what is designed to be a fun occasion. With most participants being players that were involved in sports in high school, the quality of play is still high enough for those looking for a challenge, all the while not being too intimidating for those just picking up the game. Maintaining that balance is important as it does not limit or make any student hesitant in signing up.

If you cannot find enough friends or classmates to join your team, there is no need for concern. At the start of every season, individual students sign up as free agents, and can be picked up any team in need of additional players. This process allows students to make new friends and build strong relationships. Different sets of sports tend to be offered at different times of the year because of weather conditions. UNF is constantly adding sports so there will be something for everyone. Intramural sports are one of the best ways to build a strong student community.

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