Written By: Stephanie Hecht

Registration is something that most students find fairly easy. Many think that if they have an idea of which classes they want to take, they will be able to look up the CRN numbers on the date and time of their registration and still get into them. These students are usually the ones that get angry and upset when they are not enrolled in classes they need.

UNF does a very good job at giving students enough time between receiving a time slot to register for classes and actual registration. Students should have no problem with looking up classes they need, finding out the CRNs, and having back up classes just in case. Depending on how many credit hours you have decides when your registration time slot will be. Luckily for me, I had a fairly early time slot when it came to registering for classes, November 17 at 10 A.M. Though I have only been at UNF for a year and a half now, I have never received all of the classes and times that I have wanted. This registration was different. I got all of my classes at the times that I wanted as well as the professors that I desired.

Going into registration I was extremely nervous since I recently changed my major. There are still pre-requisites I need to take before applying to the necessary college. Though starting a few semesters behind, I am confident in succeeding in these classes, as I know this my major is now my passion.

Though registration worked out in my favor this semester, like I said, there are still those students who are not as satisfied with their schedules. For them, I offer a few helpful tips.

As soon as you receive your time slot, find your classes!

Make your top schedule, but also have a backup one just in case your preferred does not work out.

It may be necessary to meet with your advisor before looking up classes in order to graduate within four years. There is no reason to take classes you do not need!

Be sure to have all CRNs written down so when your time slot comes around it is as simple as just plugging in numbers.

Be sure to be in an area with good Internet to assure there are no technical problems.

By having all of this done you may get your own classes registered a few seconds before another student, therefore getting the classes you want and need. If you unfortunately do not get into the necessary classes, good thing you have looked at backup classes so you do not have to look at the online catalog again to find classes. That wastes time and gives other students the chance they need to take your place in a class.

Though these are only a few tips I have offered, I hope they help you in the future when registering. Registration is a hectic time for not only students, but faculty as well so the less questions and concerns, the better! Good luck to everyone in his or her future.

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