Napping on Campus

Written By: Samantha Neely

Students of the University of North Florida search for the best places to take a nap on campus because sometimes, around class time is the only chance they get to sleep.

Between classes, homework, jobs, studying, extra-curricular activities, cram sessions, eating on the go, and squeezing in a social life, college students have trouble finding the time to sleep. The average college student gets about 5-6 hours of sleep each night and must make up for it whenever possible. Since many students spend most of their time at school, they take a lot of naps on campus.

Finding the perfect place to nap has become an art form for some students. Some like to sleep indoors while others prefer sleeping outside; some like the sun, and others like the shade; and some people prefer to sleep far away from passersby, while others are fine on the campus sidewalks. The desperation of most students makes almost any place acceptable for sleep, but once they find that perfect place that suits their every need, they usually remain loyal to it.

The process of finding such a place begins with the oppressive desire to sleep. Maybe the student knows they won’t get good sleep anytime soon, or maybe they have just made it to the point where they can’t keep their eyes open for another minute. Then, the search begins.

“Usually, I just come across the napping places by chance,” said UNF English major, Michaela Tashjian. “I found a ‘pleather futon-ish’ couch in the women’s bathroom one day, and I started napping there all of the time.”

Unfortunately, misfortune sometimes befalls the unsuspecting students. In Tashjian’s case, her beloved couch was removed from the restroom and she had to relocate.

“I slept great in there,” Tashjian claims. “Why on earth would someone do that?”

This tragic circumstance was disappointing, but she didn’t let it keep her sleep-deprived for long. She was soon sleeping peacefully in what she calls “the English Lounge.”

Although Tashjian looks for comfortable surfaces when choosing her sleeping grounds, others may look for something different. Take History major, Weston Williamson for example. He prefers the semi-peace and quiet of the second floor of the library, towards the far left where the peninsular alcove overlooks the outdoor balcony.

This little alcove is a popular studying and napping area for several students. It’s easily accessible for students who need a quick break from homework or need to waste some time before class starts.

“I feel at ease,” explains Williamson about his nap grounds, “and I am happy to know that I am about to get away from everything.”

So, whether it’s out on the sunny green, in the middle of everyone, or in a dark, unused classroom, the UNF campus is full of wonderful and inviting places to sleep. All the student has to do is find them.

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